Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 7

The Good Ole Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Good Ole Ed
Edd is making a time capsule and asks the guys to help put stuff in. So all day, the Eds spend the day flashing back to pasts exploits, and even to ones that never really happened.

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  • Cool!

    Ed drags Eddy out of his house by taking his stuff outside to put in a time capsule that Double D made. Eddy starts to tell Double D why and Double D talks about the scams and stuff they did back then. Double D talks about the time capsule they made, and made Jonny and Jimmy were in the past, but Ed and Eddy don't remember any of that! Then Eddy starts taking about the time Double D got hiccups, and Double D doesnt remember any of that ethier!! Then Ed starts talking about the giant pancake they made together, and Eddy and Double D don't remember that too!!! After all Ed starts making some up and they all chase eachother at the end. Best part was when Ed knocked out out with that fish! XD 10/10moreless
  • Flashback

    Okay, the first thing is that eddy is practicing for maturity which he says, Manurity. That was funny. Ed says and takes Eddy's stuff. Eddy gets angry and asks why, for the memories for the eds' box. The first flashback is the canadian so called squirt guns. Then, edd goes back to the hipno tiz in wheel episode. Then, he relives the day of when they made the time machine to get Jimmy and Johnny to the Triassic perid. The, the edd's hiccups, ed dueling with rolf, kevin as a monkey, Fad Freaky, and then the start of the episode. Funny.moreless
  • Silly but cute!

    Edd puts in a time capsule to help the other

    Kids to remember what they did and then not to

    Open it when they become adults which is very funny but

    Also cute. I loved the one when Ed the dummy but in a cute kind of way that he is, dumps the pancake batter and they beat up on Eddy!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • If the batter warmed into a pancake as soon as it touched the Eds' cooking oil, then there is a good chance that Ed, Edd, and the kids should have gotten burned when they touched the cooking oil.

    • When Ed knocked Edd and Eddy to the ground they didn't hit the ground till Ed finished his sentence.

    • Ed seems to be immune to the grease that stained Double D, as he skated across the griddle and came out with his clothes unstained, while Double D had so much grease on him, he squeezed some out of his hat.

    • Reply to above: They probably thought Eddy did it since they were not watching who dumped it.

    • When Ed is in Eddy's flashback trying to scare Edd's hiccups away, he says that he will "malice Edd with a shoehorn". However, malice is a noun, meaning he would have said "I will cause malice," or something to that level.

    • When Double-D reminded Eddy of the fish he used to duel Rolf, you can tell it was a different color than in the other episode.

    • Why did the kids beat up Eddy when it was Ed who dumped the vat of pancake mix on them?

  • QUOTES (17)

  • NOTES (16)

    • What the Items Were Used for In Each Flashback

      Remote Control: Controls the robot dinosaur during one of the Ed's scams

      Pitcher: Eddy used it to pour water into Edd's throat to get rid of his hiccups

      Spatula: Edd/Eddy used it to free the kids trapped under the giant pancake

    • The Ed's and Nazz are the only people to appear outside of flashbacks in this episode.

    • "Dueling Eds" is the only episode from the third season that was recalled the others were from the first and second seasons

    • Edd recalls when Eddy used his fish to duel with Rolf in the third season episode Dueling Eds.

    • Eddy recalls the rocketcar from the second season episode Ready Set Ed.

    • The remote control from the time machine also controlled the el mongo stink bomb from Fool On the Ed.

    • Apparently, Eddy hates flashbacks.

    • Fourth Wall Break(s): When Eddy pulls out the "Canadian Squirtguns" and the others remember it, Ed comments, "Yeah, as though it were only second season!", referencing to the squirtgun's first appearance in the second season. Later on, when Ed remembers what happened at the start of the episode, Eddy hits him with a fish, saying, "I hate clip shows!"

    • The unfamiliar flashbacks made by the Eds in this episode are:
      Ed: When they made the giant pancake.
      Edd: When they built the time machine.
      Eddy: When Edd had the hiccups.

    • Running gag(s): 1) One of the Eds flashing back and the other Eds not remembering what happened. 2) Ed remembering the start of the show and other things, but Eddy getting annoyed when this happens.

    • Ed says the ice pack was from when they destroyed Jonny's house. The ice pack also appeared in "Flea Bitten Ed", where Ed caught the rash from the bunny's and they used the pack to heal him.

    • None of the clips shown are from previous episodes. This is probably why none of the Eds can remember each other's clips.

    • The first two items Edd puts in the time capsule are the labeler and the skull, both of which appeared in the first scene of the very first episode, The Ed-Touchables. Also, nearly every item seen in the boxes and bags can be traced back to an actual episode. Example: The microphone Eddy sang into at the end of Boys Will Be Eds can be seen in the bags as Ed is digging through them.

    • Episode references: Sir Ed-a-lot, Know It All Ed, Look into my Eds, It's Way Ed, High Heeled Eds, Who, What, Where, Ed, Dueling Eds, Rent-A-Ed, any episodes where Eddy chased Ed (such as "Who Let the Ed In?" and "Pain in the Ed").

    • This is the first time in one of Ed's stories that we understood what Double-D was saying (last time it was just Blah Blah Blah)

    • Here are some of the things that appear in this episode: Eddo from "Sir Ed-a-lot", the Fad Freakies from "It's So Ed", the hypnotizing wheel from "Look Into My Eds", and the Canadian squirt guns from "Know It All Ed".