Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 7

The Good Ole Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Cool!

    Ed drags Eddy out of his house by taking his stuff outside to put in a time capsule that Double D made. Eddy starts to tell Double D why and Double D talks about the scams and stuff they did back then. Double D talks about the time capsule they made, and made Jonny and Jimmy were in the past, but Ed and Eddy don't remember any of that! Then Eddy starts taking about the time Double D got hiccups, and Double D doesnt remember any of that ethier!! Then Ed starts talking about the giant pancake they made together, and Eddy and Double D don't remember that too!!! After all Ed starts making some up and they all chase eachother at the end. Best part was when Ed knocked out out with that fish! XD 10/10
  • Flashback

    Okay, the first thing is that eddy is practicing for maturity which he says, Manurity. That was funny. Ed says and takes Eddy's stuff. Eddy gets angry and asks why, for the memories for the eds' box. The first flashback is the canadian so called squirt guns. Then, edd goes back to the hipno tiz in wheel episode. Then, he relives the day of when they made the time machine to get Jimmy and Johnny to the Triassic perid. The, the edd's hiccups, ed dueling with rolf, kevin as a monkey, Fad Freaky, and then the start of the episode. Funny.
  • Silly but cute!

    Edd puts in a time capsule to help the other
    Kids to remember what they did and then not to
    Open it when they become adults which is very funny but
    Also cute. I loved the one when Ed the dummy but in a cute kind of way that he is, dumps the pancake batter and they beat up on Eddy!