Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 14

The Good, the Bad, and the Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • eye popping action

    in this episode once again Eddy hates Rolf and his group of urban rangers and Eddy bets Rolf that he wants to win the Hairy Chest of Resilience badage and its the hardest to get and Rolf accepts and man the stuff is crazy to do to win the Hairy Chest of Resilience badage you have to be super powerful to win it you need to take hard pain and act very powerful to show your maness to win and guts and then Rolf beats eddy and rolf gets the Hairy Chest of Resilience badage and eddy gets the cry baby badage
  • Extreme is the definition of this episode!

    This episode was extreme. You normally don't see extreme stuff in this show, but it finally showed us. Eddy vs Rolf in 4 events! I liked how Eddy made fun of Rolf in the beginning and then laughed right in Rolf's face. Eddy sure makes me laugh when he mocks people. I thought it was cool to watch both of them survive torture. I wouldn't stand getting my arm jabbed by a desk or whatever it was. I forgot... but I have gotten hit by those and those hurt like f***! This episode was an awesome episode and I hope they continue.

  • Eddy (yet again) tries to become an urban ranger.Rolf gives Eddy the ultimate chest of resilance badge.This leads to a set of very painful injuries for the both of them.

    This episode is exactly why i watch ed edd n eddy.The pain and suffering.Call me sick but this episode had me in tears of laghter.But honestly were they allowed to show eddy nude.Its probably the fourth time theve done that to him,.I wonder why...Anyway this episode is full of pain hurt agony and competition and is not for the weak heart (joke).First Eddy has to wax his leg,then he has to edure several bashes to the arm,go head first into a bramble bush in the nude,then he gets hit by a train falls off a cliff flung into the air.If youre still alive and havnt suffered from heart attack then just to top it all off he loses by one second.Yikes!
  • In an overall area, I would have to say that this episode is excellent and proves to be my all time favorite. I loved the Tour of Tears.

    I would suggest that this episode be named the best episode ever. It is so full of a competitive spirit and that is what a lot of people want in a cartoon... some kind of competition. The history of Eddy and the Urban Rangers really made a statement in this episode. 10/10 easily. I also thought the way the sequence was put up was very interesting and clever. Although I wouldn't suggest this episode for young kids, this would be great for mature kids, teens and adults alike. I love this episode and must say this is a fine episode that they made. The 3 Eds forever!
  • Eddy wants a badge and to kick Rolf's butt!

    Eddy will whine, screm, cry, and tear up until he breaks
    Down and gets his badge. As well as his way and that
    He most of all, wants to kick Rolf's butt very badly.
    Very funny episode as I was really lol! He does win one badge after all. A cry baby badge! LOL!!
  • This esipode is funny as heck,man eddy challenge rolf into a chump on chump challenge and eddy was about to break like a little weeyotch man this show is so so funny man if i was in this show and if i was eddy ill just kick rolfs behind for that badge n s

    man if i was eddy i just kick rolfs behind and keep it real no lie on the download eddy was getting the dodo knocked out of him no lie and no motha you know what lie man eddy was fierce tough and he got great gratitude no lie at all and if i was eddy with my gangsta style i be all in rolfs behind and jack him for that badge and be a man about FUNNY FUNNY and very clever esipode very very very clever and if the series is non stop i will watch it til the day i die funny funny funny
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