Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 9

Thick as an Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • STINKY HAT!!!!!!!!

    This episode shows one source of why Ed stinks! For 50 something days he kept a piece of old cheese in his jacket named Sheldon! Since Edd is a neat freak he wants to get rid of it and doesn't stick to Eddy's scam for a frog race. At the pond Double D and Ed argue alot and just don't focus. Until the end when eddy gets really sick about the fight he throws the peice of cheese in the lake. Ed gets really sad but he shows his other friend Angus a fish skeleton and keeps him for company. Then Double D argues about that and they didn't get to do their scam at all. Pretty good and pretty gross episode! I rated it a 9 because they didn't really do anything but argue. 9.0/10
  • while trying to get a scam going ed and double d get intoi an argument.

    this is the first time that i've seen ed and Double d disagree on something much less argrue, though double d had good reason. That stinky piece of cheese was digusting, it even had a name Angus. It was kindof werid how when ed jumped out of his jacket, it just hung there in mid air! but on the other hand the guy never showers, maybe his bodily order peterfied hios jacket so that it could stand up all on its own. i also liked how ed unvealed his lucky fishie, sheldon, or was that the name of the chesse?
  • Stinky Hat! Odiferous curd coat! Stinky hat! Rancid Moldy Cheese! STINKY HAT!!

    HA! This episode was so funny. Double d was so funny. He and ed were always fighting over his lucky year-month old peice of swiss cheese. He and ed ruined eddy's scams when he coudn't get into edd to get him to catch the frogs that he so very very needs. At the end, eddy helps edd to get rid of ed's jacket. Before that, double d and ed were arguing about the cheese and edd's hat. Stinky Hat! Odiferous curd coat! Stinky hat! Rancid Moldy Cheese! STINKY HAT!! Dyy throws the cheese in the creek. Only to reveal ed's lukire fish skeleton.
  • Eds argue over cheese!

    The Eds are arguing over cheese as Ed must get
    Rid of it as it is really driving Double D to
    Near desparation as he is the neat freak that he
    Is supposed to be and that they even try to get
    Ed to shower. But to no avail. Very funny show with the rotten cheese!
  • HEY! That's MY lucky cheese chunk !

    Ed is stinking a lot worse than usual today! But what is causing it? Eddy certainly isn't letting it ruin his scam, but Double D isn't doing anything until Ed stops stinking like that! Double D finds out what it is, after he screams: THERE ! IN IS POCKET! Ed tells them all he has is his lucky cheese chunk "Sheldon". Double D is appauled by this, as Ed had Sheldon in his pocket for 57 days! Double D and Eddy trie to make Ed throw Sheldon away but fail miserably several attempts later, one time resulting in Double D getting stuck HEAD FIRST in Ed's pocket ! But finally they get rid of the ungodly cheese chunk! But... their frog-jumping scam failed. Anyways, you HAVE to watch this episode, as it is a MUST-SEE !