Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 13

This Won't Hurt an Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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This Won't Hurt an Ed
When Eddy learns Kevin has a fear of needles, he uses it as a chance to freak him out with a lie about the day of booster shots. Kevin tries to dodge this as long as he can.

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  • Another great episode

    Here's another great Ed,Edd and Eddy episode: The episode starts with Eddy and Ed with Edd,the school nurse. Eddy sees Kevin getting worshipped because he won a game. Eddy is sick of Kevin getting popular,and Ed crashes into the student's medical records. Eddy finds Kevin's records,and discovers that he's afraid of needles. At the cafeteria,Kevin is still getting attention (While Jimmy claims he's the luckiest boy when he's accident prone). Eddy and Ed come in saying that it's booster shot day to scare Kevin. (And poke a turkey to scare him again) Ed then gets frightened,but Eddy convinces him that nobody's getting a shot. Edd is wondering what is going on,when everyone's getting frightened (And Rolf hides a pack of olives in his hat ROFL) Kevin decides to hide in the bathroom,causing him to frighten more. He hides in the vent,but the Ed's soon find him,tricking him into getting a shot. Edd then comes,convincing them that booster shot day hasn't came yet. Kevin wants to pound Eddy,but Edd refuses to,and comes up with a better punishment. Kevin then reads a needle pamphlet. Ed then finds Eddy in a science class pretending to be a stuffed beaver,bringing him to the nurse's office. However,Eddy then finds out that his punishment is that he's a test for Kevin to get a shot. I found it hilrailous how Eddy couldn't take it,and that he nearly escaped. Ed then escapes through the door,but comes back for his rusty lolipop. This episode was just funny. I loved the running gag with Ed and his lolipop,and Kevin's reactions to the needle. Great episode.moreless
  • Kevin gets what he deserves!

    Double D offered to help out the school nurse with Ed and Eddy. After Ed fools around Eddy accidently knocked down a cabinet and shown profiles of the other kids. He finds Kevin's and finds out he's arfaid of needles! Ed and Eddy then try to pull a prank on Kevin making him think it's boostershot day. Kevin tries to avoid the giant 'needle' from Ed and Eddy. When they finally caught him Double D interrupts and tells him it's not booster shot day after all! Eddy pokes him anyway but it wsn't a real needle he only poked him with a golf club. Kevin wants payback, so Double D has an idea, they make Eddy get a booster shot of his own which Eddy is afraid of! It was good to see Eddy and Ed getting payback but I sort of felt a tiny bit bad for Kevin. I'm afraid of needles as well and I'm not embarassed to say it! 10/10moreless
  • Good episode.

    Ed and Eddy prank Kevin that it's Booster Shot Day when they discover that he has a fear of needles.This is one of the best episodes made by Ed Edd And Eddy.It was pretty good and it was better than some of than some of the good episodes.I like the ending of this episode where Eddy was about to get a Booster Shot and Ed came out and runed away.I loved some of the scenes of this episode because they were like one of the best episodes made by this very best good show.It's one of the best episodes ever.moreless
  • awesome episode

    the premise edd is helping out the school nurse and eddy is trying to figure out why the kids love kev9in soo much when ed is playing arround eddy finds kevins school file and finds out he is scared of needles the lines in this one is funny but not the best so eddy starts booster shot day to get kevin exposed and they set up posters and do pranks to get kevinbut then edd tells kevin that it is not booster shot day but in the end his plan backfires and eddy has to show kevin it does not hurt to get a shot and kevin has the last luaghmoreless
  • Eddy Discovers that kevin is scared of needles.Eddy then Decides to take the Big Shot down.Ed and Eddy Give out fake flyers saying it's "Booster Shot day". Kevin Loses his mind over this. To really scare him, eddy makes a fake giant needle.moreless

    This starts with the eds working in the nurse's office. Ed engorges his head with a blood pressure guageand rises like a balloon.Then eddy leaves for lunch and as he's leaving, The gym opens and Kevin comes out on Everyone's shoulders.He won the game......Again.He's envied by everyone. This makes Eddy really mad. Ed makes himself into a human Bow and Arrow.As Edd is yelling at Ed,Eddy discovers something:Kevin Is Scared Of needles.Eddy forms a plot to take down the big shot.They pose as Nurse assistants and hand out flyers saying it's "Booster shot Day" Upon seeing this, Kevin Faints and then goes to the bathroom and freaks out more when Ed and Eddy Come in saying they need to sterilize the needles.Kevin then retreats to the ventalation system of the school.Once Kevin is near the nurse 's office, they reveal a giant fake needle.Meanwhile, Edd is finishing up in the Nurse's office when he sees the Kids lining up and looks for Eddy.Meanwhile, Eddy and Ed have Kevin Pinned against a corner. But Edd reveals that the Day is fake , Much to the releif of and Anger of Kevin and Dismay of Eddy. Soon After, Edd reveals to Eddy that Kevin Gets to watch Eddy receive a real Booster Shot.moreless

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