Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 16

Tight End Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • E is for Ed.

    This was a very awesome episode.Ed the idiot dude and the joke machine became the school mascot and he is something about these pies.Then the football team has to face these cheatng jerks and fat and chubby losers.This episode was awesome.Ed did his best in this episode and Eddy was trying to take his place.Edd was kind of not helping out the team,but Kevin seemed to be a dork.Johnny made the team lost because of that Plank.I know that I think Johnny is my favorite Cul-De-Sac character,but he made the team lost.How lame was that?Oh yeah,I can say very lame.The spigetti part was pretty funny,but Eddy stinks at eating that kind of food.Great episode and it's the best sports episode ever made on tv.
  • One of my favorites!

    This is is just awesome. Finally, this show goes extreme and goes to football! Everyone loves football and this is why I love this show. This episode showed that cartoons can play football. I'm kind of curious why Jimmy wasn't in. Is Jimmy a homo or... nevermind. This episode was very funny. I liked how Rolf said "CURSE YOUR PERSISTENCE!" and then made a squeal of help. That made me laugh. Also Eddy was tied behind the bus. The funniest part was when Ed looked like he was going to save Eddy, but he shook his hand instead. Hilarious episode! -NachoSwordsman
  • FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one should really win a reward!!!!!!!

    The “Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy” episode “Tight End Ed” is very funny and one of the very few episodes where we see more people from Peach Creek and people from another town called Lemon Brook. I will now review the episode.
    I like how the Cobblers are nothing more than bunch of misfits. The reason Eddy joined could make anybody even Double D laugh!!! Eddy and Edd are left to wonder when Nazz says she has “Something to show” to Ed. Ed returns acts like he has a secret when returns to the other eds. One of my favorite scenes is when Ed defies the laws of physics and nature when he goes down the drain. The match between the Cobblers and Lumpers was pathetic. Ed’s big secret turns out to be that he’s the mascot leaving Double D proud of Ed & Eddy wanting to be the mascot. So Eddy becomes the less than liked Peach Creek Clubber. In the end Peach Creek lost 0-62. Another funny scene is in the locker room when Kevin put that cleat in Ed’s face and Edd pulls it off with Ed’s face stuck to it. Double D is freaked out and Ed carries on without noticing. Very good I give it a 9.5!
  • An Ed Episdoe.

    In This episdoe EE&E are forced into a game of football. Nazz wants everyone to be in the school sprit. But they see something diffrent about Ed. So they give him a cheerleading bit. Then he gets put up into a football mascot,for the Peach Creek Jr. High. Eddy gets really jealous about this. So he has to do everything he can to stop him from doing that,taking his place.

    This episdoe was funny,and not boring. It was amusing to see Edd blushing at Sarah and Ed being so nervous around Nazz.So thats all for my review so cya. lol
  • An episode in which the Eds are forced in playing football, but Ed seems to be different from the other football players. Is Ed just not in his happy place? Or has he been involved in an activity that goes way beyond football?

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy has another school day ahead of them-wait. This is the evening and they are playing football. When Ed does extraordinary cheerleading, he is approved as the new Peach Creek Jr. High football team's mascot! While Eddy is furious, or should I say jealous that Ed is the school mascot, he takes matters into his own hands by doing the impossible-taking Ed's place as a football mascot!
  • i love all of the episodes 10 for all of them and for this won is very good funny clever exicting perfect episode of ed edd n eddy

    this episode is very good 10 for all of them and the sireas for this episode its a perfet episode clever funny exicting very cool exactly why i watch this series youll love this episode and all of them and the hole sireas and people are saying this one of the top rated episode of ed edd n eddy for me all of them and the show ed is perfect for a mascot and if your a fan of ed eddn eddy and foot ball youll love this episode well this is my review bye.
  • Loved the episode too!

    Like the viewer before me, I loved the show as
    Well as Nazz wants some school spirit despite the Peach
    Creek football team really playing bad and despite Kevin and Rolf being the only ones playing football. Nazz makes Big Ed the school mascot, leaving of course, Eddy wanting to be one as in the end, he is tied to the back of the bus.
  • Nazz wants everyone to have school spirit, so she makes Ed a mascot, seeing how energetic he is. But then Eddy wants to be a mascot.

    That episode was so funny. When the Eds play football and the Kankers are making fun of them of how much they stink.

    I loved it when Ed placed Sarah on top of Edd and Nazz on Eddy. They were so blushing! But it's funny, I thought Edd didn't like Sarah. Ah well. One can wonder.

    It was also amusing when Nazz dragged Ed to show him something. Ed was so cute when he was so nervous!

    Very good episode. I certainly enjoyed it.