Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 15

Tinker Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • That sissy Jimmy got his revenge!

    Jimmy thinks that fairy tales are real,but Eddy ruins it by building a scam with fake fairy tale stuff and ruins Jimmy's faith,making it just a prank to teach Eddy a lesson.Jimmy is a stupid sissy,but Eddy was a complete jerk in this episode.Loved Rolf's part with the baloney.That was so funny,even the ending of this episode where he is so fat because he ate all of the baloney.Man that guy is a meat lover!But Kevin was such a jerk again in this episode and Jimmy is still a stupid little brat and a sissy again.I loved this episode and it's so funny,but Jimmy's an idiot again.
  • Great.

    This episode has a lot of humor. Why was Johney just sitting around in the library? Anyway, that gag with Rolf is very funny. I can't beleive Ed, Edd, n, Eddy dressed up into silly costumes. I'm not mocking Disney or anything. I downloaded this episode and always watched it. This episode is a funny edition to the Ed, Edd,n, Eddy series. Well, i'm starting to run out of ideas on what to type, so i'm just going to comment on the show. Anyway, Ed, Edd, n, Eddy is a great show and I like downloading the episodes. Have a crummy day!
  • After hearing from kevin that fairies don't exist Jimmy loses all hope . After bieng threated by sarah the edds set out to make Jimmy believe agian.

    It was funny how SArah while reading a story to Jimmy, raised her vioce just to annoy Kevin. And how rolf had that big bag of baloney. But i was really luaghing whenm eddy appeared to Jimmy wearing a fairy costume and how ed kept flinging him back and forth. and Double D's costume and ed's were so cute! I was a little grossed out when Rolf began to eat all of that baloney but the end result was priceless. I was sure that he had lost it, and i was surprised to find out that everyone was in it.
  • Extremely hilarious!

    I thought it was hilarious when...

    1) Ed was singing about berries. "Berries, berries, they're good for your heart. The more you eat, the more-" And then Eddy was all, "Shut up, Ed!"

    2) Ed said Eddy had a big butt 3) Ed, Edd, and Eddy dressed up as mythical creatures to cheer Jimmy up.

    What surprised me the most was that Eddy was really nice to Jimmy, but only for a while.

    Really funny but I feel sorry for the Eds in the end. Oh the humiliation they will go through in school.

    Very well written. I enjoyed it.
  • Do you believe in fairies?

    This is a funny show in which Jimmy loses all
    Hope in fairies and the Eds just make it even
    More worse. As you know that spoiled brat Sarah wants
    Them to make things right. She will whine, scream, cry, tear, until you break down and give her what she and most of all, Jimmy wants!
    Very funny show at its best!
  • what a funny episode this was this segmant spoelers alert was funnier than the other segmant dont beleive thats fine now has to beleive mje for everyone has there oppions but i dont ussaly have opions cause im weird beacaus my brain developed diffrently!

    tinker ed was actually the first segmant not the second segmant i wish th editor knew this but hes a dork but i dont know but he just i wish i knew but dont but this is typical and strange very strange im givving this episode a 10 for know reason so there is one person i think i know whos editor his name is name is shyguy15 i think hes a dork hpoe didnt offen him i just know hes gonna read the review and he might get mad at me im new at tv.com anywas 10 out 10
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