Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 10

Too Smart For His Own Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A bit disappointing in my opinion


    In my opinion,this episode was EENE was good,but it had a lot of flaws. Theepisode begins at school,where all of the others are training for the spelling bee. Jimmy is reading Rolf a spelling book for babies,while Eddy is stuffing dictonarypages inside Ed's head. We then cut to thespelling bee,where most of the others have been failing. Plank goes first,and when time was up,he tells Nazz that he really got it right,and that's when Johnny starts hating Nazz. Rolf has a meltdown in front of the audience (with his nana clapping for him). Ed and Edd are the remaining spellers. Edd misspellsgravy,and Ed wins the competition. And this is where the episode falls apart. Edd is suddenly sad of losing,and it doesn't help by the fact that it shows his ribbons,and one empty space. Eddy makes a scam that has Ed dressed as a nerd,helping people with their homework. Edd suddenly gets treated differently. And yes,two of the most hated characters,Sarah and Kevin has to do with that. Sarah calls Edd "Mr. I Can't Even Spell Gravy",giving me more reasons to hate her,and Kevin denies him saying "Like we will ever listen to you". Ed even helps Edd open the door,and Eddy wants cash from him. Right after school,Eddy wants to head to the candy store to get jawbreakers,but he ends up running into all of the kids. It turns out Ed was just playing stupid because all of the homework he helped with gave them all F's. They then get beaten up,and their money goes back to them. Edd then tells Ed he's proud of him,and Ed offers gravy cakes at home. Nazz gets trapped in the hole,Johnny starts to forgive her,but loses her respect again,when Nazz denies holding hands with him. Overall,this was a good episode. It was hilrailous with Rolf's meltdown,Eddy's head going through the fence,and Plank losing. But then,the episode starting falling about after Edd loses. Sarah and Kevin were jerks to him,giving me more reasons to hate him,and Eddy was a jerk as well,rubbing in everyone's faces how smart Ed is. But it's still a good episode

  • It should be good than anything else on Ed,Edd And Eddy or any other episode.

    It's not that bad.I mean,it has all the stuff it needs and it's pretty much one of the best episodes of Ed,Edd And Eddy.I loved it when all of the kids got mad at Ed and Eddy and Eddy's head left fence marks on him.It's even sweeter with Rolf and Jimmy trying to study and they end up getting tired.It really became one of the sweetest episodes made by one of the best shows ever made.It is really a very good episode and I get that like every other episode that was like one of the best episodes ever made.
  • Edd loses his place!

    This is a very good episode. I would rate it as 7.5/10. It is Peach Creek Jr. High's annual spelling bee. They are all nervous except Edd, because he won all of the awards for every annual spelling bee. He is feeling confident he will win, but he is wrong. When he mispells "gravy"(a simple word) Ed wins and so he doesn't get his award which he dearly wanted. Edd gets very sad when people don't want his help when he lost because he mispelt a simple word. But, luckily for Edd, Ed isn't as good at spelling as he seems.
  • This episode is Funny, man! You should see how Eddy and Ed got beaten up. That is why they are so funny!

    Did you see the spelling be! It was so great, Edd lost to
    Ed on gravy. Eddy and Kevin betted. It was halarious. Who
    created this series anyway! Did you see the part where Ed
    became Egg-head Ed. He was smart. Exept when he got beaten.
    Johnny tried to hit Nazz. This is so funny! You should see
    how dump Ed after he got beaten up. What happened to Eddy.
    Nobody knows. But this episode was a bomb. It was almost funny than
    Camp Lazlo. This episode contains who won the Spelling Bee.
    Edd was surprised that Ed and Eddy was beaten all because of
    Ed and Eddy!
  • Heaven in one sitting!

    At first, I didn't enjoy "Too Smart For His Own Ed," but the end of the episode and the sub-plot balanced it out so I can give it 9/10. The middle and the sub-plot was great, but it still lacked a little. Then when the end comes and we see that everyone got F's on their test, balanced verything back. It was a great episode, and the sub-plot made it better. Unfortunately, Kevin seems to have added back those two points on Double-D's Dork Rating for losing!

    I noted many inconsistancies throughout the beginning. For instance, there are only four people in the spelling bee, one of which was an inanimate object, and the other was a person who couldn't spell from "Baby's First Words." While they are there for comic relief, it does not make much sense. In my school spelling bee, there were ten people, and it lasted twelve rounds (which I won). With only two real contestants, it lasted two rounds, which was less than five minutes. How in the world is that considered a Spelling Bee? Another problem was the fact that Nazz was the announcer when she could only correctly pronounce one word. In reality, when that happens, another announcer takes over or the entire spelling bee is postponed. Also, where are the judges? In a spelling bee, there must be at least three judges, not including the announcer, to ensure a system of checks and balances. Announcers are not aloud to say what is correct and what isn't. Another nitpick is the fact that Ed is in the spelling bee. Spelling bees are not for anyone who wants to participate. A contestant should have earned that right to be in the spelling bee by beating everyone else in a class spelling bee, so Edd overrall should have been the rightful champion. My final nitpick here is the fact that Sarah and Jimmy are in Jr. High. Does that seem a little out of place there? If Ed and Eddy are in 6th Grade, you'd probably suspect they would be at another school; an elementary school. You see them in both episodes doing schoolwork such as woodshop. But that's just me.

    Did anyone notice all the signs around the school? I saw a sign in the boy's locker room that said
    No Jock Straps In the Sink
    Another one said
    We Don't Want A Lawsuit
    Another sign, which I couldn't quite read said
    (shows a picture of a toilet)
    Last found in the boy's bathroom
    Give It Back
  • Very funny episode! one of my favorite episode of the Eds. Actually it's the best!

    This episode so funny!!!!! that's why I liked it. Actually this is the best episode on season 5 or 6. It's the 8th Annual Spelling Bee, Double-D, Plank, Rolf, and Ed were competing. This is the episode that I recognized that Nazz was not a good reader, I mean saying the words. It's not that hard but it's funny. Double-D tried first he spelled cerebral,c-e-r-e-b-r-a-l. He's correct. Then Plank's turn. Nobody heard Plank saying any word so it's times up. "Sorry dude, times up" Nazz said."Are you mad(or he said deaf)?!!" Jonny 2x4 shouted. "I got my eye on you!". "You wood hater!"Johnny continued. Then it's Rolf's turn he supposed to spell colonial but he didin't say it. Instead he said "poppycock!!!!!!!curse this english word! That's funny.

    Then finally the last one, Ed. Nazz said that the word is ectoplasm. Double-D can't believe Ed spelled e-c-t-o-p-l-a-s-m right! Then went to the final word "gravy". Double-D said g-r-a-v-i instead of g-r-a-v-y that what Ed spelled. I can't believe that too like Double-D was thinking. But it's a very funny part. Through the rest of the episode Jonny 2x4 with plank were trying to get Nazz because you know, the thing that happened on the Spelling Bee. But he's just pretending. He wants to get Nazz to hold hands. Verry funny episode!!!!!! Actually more than above average! If you watch it, you'll laugh out loud! Those were my sayings exactly why I watched this series.
  • But that is why I watch the show

    Again nothing usual has happened
    It is too bad that Nazz is getting more stupid
    After liking her very much to start out with
    She is with that creep Kevin
    I am glad that Kevin isn't my son at all
    Or I would wear his butt out really good
    The guy is nothing but a mean bully
    Even if he doesn't get it right now
    In the end, he will get it sooner or later
    Poor Double D got the blame
    The kids got an F all because of his jerk of a friends
    Well, Dumb Ed ain't that bad as Eddy is!