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  • Season 6 Episode 4: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Pict...

  • In the Smosh episode "A merry gangsta Christmas", at the scene where one of the gangstas say 2 Double Ds. The gangsta pulls out 2 pieces of paper with the same portrait of Double D from Ed Edd n' Eddy on it. Marking Double D made a cameo.

  • Sarah and Jimmy don't seem to know what happened despite the major damage to the Cul-de-Sac

  • Eddy is frightened when he sees what is under Edd's hat, covering his eyes. Why so? When he saw what was under Edd's hat in "Stop, Look, Ed", he didn't seem that scared, just surprised.

  • If you pay attention in the scene where Ed is trying to get his sock off to use as a sack, you can ironically see a sock on his bed.

  • In the scene where Jimmy first runs into the Kanker Sisters, he knocks over a bunch of laundry which scatters about the ground. In the laundry there are boxers that have the Canadian flag on them- probably because the show was made in Canada.

  • This movie originally aired in a widescreen format.

  • After months of delays, the movie finally aired in the United States on November 8, 2009.

  • Despite not knowing what the scam was that caused this mess, there were many clues to it. During the beginning of the movie showing the scene where the scam went bad, there was a torn sign that said "Right Here", a bag of quick drying cement, a balloon tied to a brick, a shorted-out toaster with toast in it, an outline of Nazz in black paint on the fence, a bowling ball, a broken record player, and an overturned canoe and ice cream truck. During the scene where the kids are chasing the Eds, Rolf has bite marks on his arm and side, Kevin's clothes are torn, Johnny has a mousetrap on his thumb and a bear trap on his head, Plank is burned and cut, and Nazz is in a broken magician's magic box with most of her hair shaved off. During the scene with Double D and Eddy's fight, Eddy mentioned the scam involved a machine Double D built, and Double D said Eddy pushed a red button Double D told him not push.

  • Before Jonny enters Captain Melonhead's secret lair, Plank was still falling apart from earlier. But after Jonny and Plank come out from the lair, Plank is suddenly repaired.

  • At the end everybody became Eddy's friend and are more respectful to the Eds.

  • How is Plank able to drive the bus and honk the horn when he has no arms or legs?

  • In this movie, Jonny said that he never rode a bus before, but he has rode the school bus before in past episodes, in one episode where he was going on a field trip he even went straight to the back with no fear at all, maybe he wasn't talking about the school bus.

  • Ed's right shoe and sock is absent for the entire movie, only appears for the first few seconds.

  • At one point when the Kankers were in the Sunflowers field, Lee is shown to have three 3 eyes. It was when Lee heard rustling in the fields after Sarah flicked away a ladybug and Lee noticed it and she looked up and for a split second, she is shown to have 3 eyes!

  • The movie contains proof that the Eds and the other children do live during our time. Look at the cup that Double-D uses to listen to the children that are outside of Eddy's big brother's door. It says, "Peach Creek Diner-2000 Best Eater". This indicates that his brother won the title when he was still living at home and this would lead us to logically conclude that the Peach Creek children live during our time. NOTE: This Technically could be disproven by the fact that the Ed has with the gag factory ad in it was printed over 10 years ago and the Calendar in the office at the factory had the year "1978" on it. Which could put the show taking place in the late 80s to early 90s. ANOTHER NOTE: It's possible that the calender is old, seeing as it's impossible to get a cup with the year 2000 on it during the 80s and 90s.

  • Nazz's last name is revealed to be "Van Fartonschmeer".

  • Although it was confirmed the mystery of Edd's hat would be revealed, it was not.

  • Running Gags:
    1.) The Eds arguing who's fault it was that caused the kids to chase them.
    2.) The kids going by any length to chase the Eds.
    3.) Eddy and Ed gets into a deadly situation, scaring Edd but is then revealed that they're okay.
    4.) Kevin caring more for his bike than anyone else.
    5.) The Kankers capturing people.

  • Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonder Wood make another appearance.

  • Throughout the movie Nazz made it obvious that her crush was Kevin but after their last scene together and when they were all at Eddy's brother's trailer she looks infatuated to hear about him and see him sort of, and at the end she kisses Eddy, probably because he told the truth but still.

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