Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 14

Truth or Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Truth or Ed
While Edd goes out to find more gossip for the Peach Creek Tattler newspaper, Eddy takes over the editing and turns the Tattler to tabloid, putting in crazy rumors about the kids.

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  • Besides An Ed is Born,this is also my favorite episode

    In my opinion,if I had to say another funny episode of Ed,Edd and Eddy,this is it. The episode starts with Eddy and Ed playing with the Cul-De-Sac kids basketball,and Kevin and Rolf are choosing teams. Eddy doesn't get choosen,and Ed ends up popping the ball. Edd comes and tells Eddy about the newspaper,but Eddy agrees to come with Edd when he talks about money. However,Eddy realizes that the articles have no scandals,and that they're pointless. He then tricks Edd into getting reports,and makes a tabloid magazine spreading rumors about the kids. Now,the articles were just hilrailous,like how Sarah is part of a secret chimp foghorn race,how Nazz got kicked out of cheerleading because of hairy legs,and how Rolf tore down Kevin's home to build a resting home for his nana. But everyone starts fighting,and Sarah crushes Nazz with the principal's car (If you look at the article at the end). They decide to teach Bobby Blabby (Whose secretly Eddy),a lesson,Edd comes back and wants the money to be donated to the school,but Eddy wants it to himself. The kids come in,nearly crushing Edd,but Eddy exposes himself when Ed gets his name wrong. However,with a hilrailous article,Eddy is forced to join the knitting club to sew the world's largest doily. Now,this episode was just funny. I found it funny when Ed kept mispronouncing Bobby Blabby. This was just as funny as An Ed is Born,and is one of the best episodes.moreless
  • This episode is the coolest episode ever made.

    Eddy keeps writing lies about people in the school and they get mad.Eddy disguises is name to Bobby Blabby.I love this episode.It's cooler than any other Ed Edd and Eddy episode ever made.The lies were really good lies and the fight between Nazz and Sarah was the best thing on this episode that they did.That lie about Rolf destroying Kevins house to build a resting home for his nana was a pretty good rumor and Sarah was told as a chimp was pretty good too.Every rumor was the best including Eds head is invated by mutants.This was the best Ed Edd and Eddy episode ever made.moreless
  • this is one of the better episodes of the series

    the premise is edd has become editor of the peach creek juior high school newspaper and eddy decides to cash in on it} this one was funny because eddy has some of the funnies thinggs to say about the other kids and the eds break the 4th wall agian when eddy says (forget him stick to the script) it seems they break the 4th wall all the time(im watching the episode as i write)then the kids turn on each other thinking that the other one is saying the things about them then they find out it was eddy and make him make the biggest dolie in the world good episode the comedy was something to beholdmoreless
  • Eddy exploits the school newspaper to his own gain by creating a tabloid using the pen name "Bobby Blabby" It works until Eddy is exposed.

    This Episode starts in the middle of a basketball game where everyone, even plank is selected ahead of eddy. Then Edd comes with great news: he's the Editor of the Tattler, the school paper. Ed and Eddy sign on. The paper is horrible until Eddy Sends Edd away and Turns the Tattler into a tabloid using the Pen name Bobby Blabby.Ed rakes in cash while selling the "new and improved" tattler.stories included:Nazz kicked off cheerleading squad for refusing to shave her hairy legs, Sarah being part of a secret chimp foghorn race,A muntant colony forming on Ed's head, Kevin having a secret collection of spandex Bike Shorts,Johnny finding Atlantis in his nostril, Jimmy getting beat up by the sewing club,and Rolf wanting to bulldoze Kevin's house to build a rest home for his Nana.The kids are outraged by the lies and storm the paper room.Ed get's Eddy's pen name wrong and Eddy gives himself away. The next issue says that Those were lies and that Eddy become the only member of the knitting club.moreless
  • Hate it that Double D gets the short end of the stick!

    I hate it that Double D gets it seems always

    The short end of the stick and that his two

    Ed buddies really need the blame. What does he do? Just

    Really stands back and really only does the right thing and

    Just has everything bacfire on him as Eddy of course, tries to take the credit and glory away from Double D!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • How Jimmy broke his right arm isn't mention.

    • Listen very closely: When Wilfred is walking to class as "Rolf" on two feet, a sound very similar to the one that Jimmy makes with his retainer from "Hands Across Ed" is heard for the length that he walks.

    • Why Rolf was trying to sneak out of a test isn't known.

    • How did Rolf's brought his pig into school in hopes of sneaking out of a test without the teachers noticing isn't mentioned.

    • In the beginning, the kids were outside on a overcast day, but by the ending, it was clearly raining.

    • How did Sarah use a toilet to hit Nazz with when such item would most likely bolted to the ground.

    • A car is obviously heavier than a child and is hard to bring into of a building that is the size of a hallway door. However, how Sarah managed to carry such item and throw on Nazz with ease wouldn't be likely.

    • When Sarah and Nazz were fighting because Nazz called her "monkey face", why did Nazz throw a box on her instead of using her Kung fu on her?

    • When Rolf says, "What barbarian would allow their nana to rest?", the captions say, "What barbarian would allow? They're never to rest!"

    • When Edd reads Eddy's fake newspaper, he reads the story about the mutant colony on Ed's head on the inside of the newspaper, but the mutant colony story is on the outside of the newspaper on the front page.

    • When Jonny said, "What a monster" the closed captioning reads "What a mind".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Eddy: STOP THE PRESS!

    • Jimmy: (Jimmy tries to use a fountain) My fickle fingers just aren't forceful enough, Sarah. (Sarah presses the button on the fountain as Jimmy gets ready to drink, and is sprayed by water, and knocked over.) Do you hear them, Sarah? It's the Vienna Boys choir. They're singing.
      Ed: Extra! Extra! Nazz kicked off cheerleading squad!
      Sarah: What?! Let me see that! (reads paper with Jimmy)
      Jimmy: Oh! Bobby Blabby says, "Head cheerleader Nazz was let go for refusing to shave her legs." (Ed takes off hat)
      Ed: Twenty-five cents, please. (Sarah looks at another article of herself)
      Sarah Hey! "Eds' baby sister part of a secret chimp foghorn race."
      Jimmy: Boy, just when you think you know someone. (Sarah runs into the girls bathroom crying, and Jimmy peeks inside)
      Jimmy: Sarah?
      Sarah: (shouting) Don't look at me! (Jimmy is blown back and down the stairs)
      Jimmy: Sarah, they're singing again.

    • Rolf: (reading paper) "Jonny 2X4 foraged into his nostril and found the lost city of Atlantis yesterday." (comes across Jonny)
      Jonny: Hey, Rolf! Did you hear about Kevin having the worlds largest collection of spandex bicycle shorts under his mattress?
      Rolf: (looking into Jonny's nostril) Rolf sees no city. Only darkness and sesame seeds. (Kevin pulls Jonny away)
      Kevin: Some pal you are, man! You played me for a patsy! (holds paper in Rolf's face)
      Rolf: Rolf know nothing of your elastic short leisure delights.
      Kevin: Say what? Didn't you tell Bobby Blabby that you want to bulldoze my house to build a rest home for your nana?
      Rolf: (Rolf grabs paper angrily) What barbarian would allow their nana to rest?! (Nazz pulls Jimmy by, holding his ear)
      Jimmy: I'll talk! I'll talk! She's in there! (Nazz enters womens' restroom)
      Nazz: I know that it was you who went to this Bobby Blabby with that hairy leg story, Monkey Face.
      Sarah (angrily) What'd you call me?! (hits Nazz with a toilet, and slams her down to the floor below, and she runs back up with a tissue box, and hits Sarah on the head with it)
      Sarah Nice try. (slams a truck on top of Nazz as Jimmy screams)
      Jimmy Knock her butt into next week, Sarah!
      Jonny Says here your butt was knocked two Thursdays from now by the girls curling club!
      Jimmy (Jimmy blushes and throws a fit) Lies, lies, all lies!
      Rolf (tears up newspaper) Time for Rolf to introduce this Bobby Blabby to Rolf's fist of punctuality!
      Kevin Hey! Get in line! If anybody's having the last laugh, I'm having it first. (Kevin, Rolf, Sarah, and Nazz storm off)
      Jonny: Count me and Plank out. We really like this rag.

    • Ed: I'm kickin' the bucket guys!

    • Ed: You dropped your loot, Bibby Booboo.
      Eddy: IT'S BOBBY BLABBY!

    • Edd: Perhaps you'd like to assist me in this good cause?
      Eddy: Get real! I'd rather wear Ed's underwear for a week.
      Ed: Not today, Eddy. I'm flying solo.

    • Ed: I'm laying on the going, Baby Boobah!
      Eddy: That's Bobby Blabby!

    • Eddy: I got the dirty ditches this side of....dirty ditchdum.

    • Ed: Because sandals are baked fresh daily Double-D.

  • NOTES (14)

    • Look hard: When Jonny reads the paper, there are headlines that say "Toilet seat missing" and "Principal takes bus, mysteriously disappears". This is because Sarah hitted that stuff on Nazz.

    • Look hard: Under the Jimmy Makes Shortcake headline, there's a headline that says Sarah Eats Shortcake.

    • The newspaper machine says Aka 1957. This is the year that creator Danny was born.

    • Only one of the Kankers, May, is seen, but she doesn't have any line nor is near the Eds.

    • Ed and Jonny are the only people who enjoyed reading the rumors in this episode.

    • Sarah lifts a car in this epsiode which so far is the heaviest thing she has lifted.

    • This epsiode proves that Sarah is much stronger then Nazz.

    • This is the 2nd episode to be based on newspapers the 1st was "Read All About Ed"

    • Eddy becomes a member of the knitting club at the end of the episode.

    • This was the fourth time that Sarah cries. the first was in ''High Heeled Eds'', the second was ''For Your Ed Only'', and the third was ''Is There An Ed In The House?''

    • Stories Eddy wrote about the kids:
      Ed: Mini-mutants live on his head
      Kevin: Largest collection of spandix bicycle shorts under his bed
      Rolf: Tear down Kevin's house to build a resting home for his nana
      Nazz: Kicked off the cheerleading squad for having hairy legs
      Johnny: Found the lost city of Atlantis in his nose
      Sarah: A monkey girl
      Jimmy: Beat up by the girl's curling club (although, this may be true)

    • Running gag(s): 1) Eddy writing fake things about the kids of the school. 2) The kids fighting over who they thought told the gossip newspaper something bad about them. 3) Eddy having to correct Ed about his "Bobby Blabby" name. 4) The newspaper machine throwing papers into the wall and causing it to break.

    • Look Hard: On the printing machine was a sign saying AKA-1957. AKA is a reference to the company, AKA Productions which produced Ed, Edd n' Eddy.

    • The Gossip Newspaper Printing room is introduced in this episode.