Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 14

Truth or Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Besides An Ed is Born,this is also my favorite episode

    In my opinion,if I had to say another funny episode of Ed,Edd and Eddy,this is it. The episode starts with Eddy and Ed playing with the Cul-De-Sac kids basketball,and Kevin and Rolf are choosing teams. Eddy doesn't get choosen,and Ed ends up popping the ball. Edd comes and tells Eddy about the newspaper,but Eddy agrees to come with Edd when he talks about money. However,Eddy realizes that the articles have no scandals,and that they're pointless. He then tricks Edd into getting reports,and makes a tabloid magazine spreading rumors about the kids. Now,the articles were just hilrailous,like how Sarah is part of a secret chimp foghorn race,how Nazz got kicked out of cheerleading because of hairy legs,and how Rolf tore down Kevin's home to build a resting home for his nana. But everyone starts fighting,and Sarah crushes Nazz with the principal's car (If you look at the article at the end). They decide to teach Bobby Blabby (Whose secretly Eddy),a lesson,Edd comes back and wants the money to be donated to the school,but Eddy wants it to himself. The kids come in,nearly crushing Edd,but Eddy exposes himself when Ed gets his name wrong. However,with a hilrailous article,Eddy is forced to join the knitting club to sew the world's largest doily. Now,this episode was just funny. I found it funny when Ed kept mispronouncing Bobby Blabby. This was just as funny as An Ed is Born,and is one of the best episodes.
  • This episode is the coolest episode ever made.

    Eddy keeps writing lies about people in the school and they get mad.Eddy disguises is name to Bobby Blabby.I love this episode.It's cooler than any other Ed Edd and Eddy episode ever made.The lies were really good lies and the fight between Nazz and Sarah was the best thing on this episode that they did.That lie about Rolf destroying Kevins house to build a resting home for his nana was a pretty good rumor and Sarah was told as a chimp was pretty good too.Every rumor was the best including Eds head is invated by mutants.This was the best Ed Edd and Eddy episode ever made.
  • this is one of the better episodes of the series

    the premise is edd has become editor of the peach creek juior high school newspaper and eddy decides to cash in on it} this one was funny because eddy has some of the funnies thinggs to say about the other kids and the eds break the 4th wall agian when eddy says (forget him stick to the script) it seems they break the 4th wall all the time(im watching the episode as i write)then the kids turn on each other thinking that the other one is saying the things about them then they find out it was eddy and make him make the biggest dolie in the world good episode the comedy was something to behold
  • Eddy exploits the school newspaper to his own gain by creating a tabloid using the pen name "Bobby Blabby" It works until Eddy is exposed.

    This Episode starts in the middle of a basketball game where everyone, even plank is selected ahead of eddy. Then Edd comes with great news: he's the Editor of the Tattler, the school paper. Ed and Eddy sign on. The paper is horrible until Eddy Sends Edd away and Turns the Tattler into a tabloid using the Pen name Bobby Blabby.Ed rakes in cash while selling the "new and improved" tattler.stories included:Nazz kicked off cheerleading squad for refusing to shave her hairy legs, Sarah being part of a secret chimp foghorn race,A muntant colony forming on Ed's head, Kevin having a secret collection of spandex Bike Shorts,Johnny finding Atlantis in his nostril, Jimmy getting beat up by the sewing club,and Rolf wanting to bulldoze Kevin's house to build a rest home for his Nana.The kids are outraged by the lies and storm the paper room.Ed get's Eddy's pen name wrong and Eddy gives himself away. The next issue says that Those were lies and that Eddy become the only member of the knitting club.
  • Hate it that Double D gets the short end of the stick!

    I hate it that Double D gets it seems always
    The short end of the stick and that his two
    Ed buddies really need the blame. What does he do? Just
    Really stands back and really only does the right thing and
    Just has everything bacfire on him as Eddy of course, tries to take the credit and glory away from Double D!
  • Eddy decided to put some "interesting" stories of the Peach Creek locals.

    AKA cartoons has never cease to amaze me when they know good humor and plot, and Truth or Ed is no exception.

    After a game of dodgeballs, Edd announce to his friends that he has been chosen to become editor of the Tattler, the schools newspaper, convincing Ed and Eddy to help him out. As it turns out, the Tattler is going downhill lately, and Edd hopes to find one story to bring in more readers. While he's out, Eddy decided to put in some tabloid tales of every kid in the school for every quarter he could get on his hand.

    Again, another job well done thanks to AKA cartoons.
  • You guys never might of saw this episode but i did. Once i went to AKA cartoon and they gave me a disc with all ed episodes. It even has this episode and May I Have This Ed? They were so great oh got to see it. Those 2 episodes are both 45 mins.

    I love it i saw it more then 100 times. People who think it never aired i just want to let you know that you have to go to AKA Cartoon and ask them for the disc with all episodes. I hate Ed, Edd n Eddy haters. It is so great that i beat the video game in one hour. If you hate it you will die. This episode is the 2nd episode to be 45min.
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