Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 11

Who's Minding the Ed?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • I liked this episode,but Eddy,you stupid jerk.

    Okay,I rated this a 9.0 because of one problem.But I'll get to it later.So Rolf makes Ed take care of his animals,which caused major destruction.And it's another reason why Ed is so funny.And then Rolf took his animals and Ed burst into crying.So now blah,blah,blah.But then,here's my problem:Eddy.He ruined the whole episode because he's so greedy and selfish.He didn't care about Ed and and his animals and worst of all,he potrayed his Edd again,which made me mad because he dressed Edd as a bunny and did a scam.For everyone who said he deserved it or thought it was funny,you really stinked for that,because I cannot believe Eddy did that to Edd.I wanted to punch Eddy in his face because he chose money over friends.There should be an episode where Edd beats up Eddy,because Eddy made me mad and that's another reason why I hate that selfish,stupid,dumb,inconsiderent,idiotic,greedy,little,pesky,jerkface.But I loved Ed.
  • edd got what he deserved from aggrivating Eddy.

    This is a definate cert to be one of my favourites. Rolf needs to attend a family reunion and he asks Ed to look after his animals. Ed is extatic by this offer, but soon, a very strong bond grows between the animals and Ed. Edd is mostly seen tidying up after the animals' dirty footprints. Edd also got what he deserved from Eddy for being on his back throughout the entire episode. I love the very last scene where Edd pleads for help for Eddy to stop Ed torturing him but since Edd annoyed Eddy, he just simply walks away. I love it!
  • Even though Edd got what he deserved, and hes my favorite character and Ed, I still like this episode.

    Theres nothing to say much about this episode. The episode starts with Eddy and Ed spying on Kevin thourgh a peep hole in a fence. They see Kevin raking leaves, and Eddy and Ed laugh at him. They then tell Johnny that Kevin is attacked by a killer rake. Johnny falls for it and messes up Kevin's raking duty. And then, yada, yada, yada, Rolf asks Ed' help to take care of his animals. And they mess Ed's house up and Ed dosen't want Sarah to know about it. After about a few minutes, Rolf comes and takes his animals with him, leaving poor Ed crying. Eddy then makes Edd wear a bunny suit to cheer Ed up. The episode ends with Eddy making a "Pet the Bunny" scam. Overall, awesome episode.
  • Why I watch the show!

    The Eds try to rake up some leaves of course
    For cash and that when Rolf is away at a
    Family reunion, the Eds must take care of the animals and
    Sarah, the brat that she is, wants her big brother to
    Take her out or that she will wine, scream, cry, and tear
    until you break down and take her out!
  • When Rolf heads to a family reunion, the Eds must watch over his animals.

    After a very long hiatus, the fifth season of Ed, Edd n Eddy continues once again, this time, with the episode "Who's Minding The Eds?".

    After having a blast on a pile of leaves Kevin rakes up, Rolf brings in Ed to watch over his animals while he's gone to a family reunion. While Eddy finds this annoying, Ed and Edd doesn't seem to mind at all-until Ed decided to bring Rolf's animals to his house. This proves a problem when Sara's around, who wants Ed to take them out-or else.

    Very silly and humorous, as usual, and a great episode of the show.