Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 8

Your Ed Here

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • I fail to see how Skipper is an embarrasing name

    Boy, oh boy, it's this notorious episode. Of course, I independently dislike it myself, not just to bandwagon on the episode's notoriety. The basic principle is this: The cul de sac's resident arrogant jock Kevin, who usually only retaliates against the eds when they provoke him or scam him or mocks. Eddy's pathetic attempts at gaining attention finds eddy's dropped wallet during one of his scams and discover his corny middle name. He's quick to ridicule unit Eddy begs for mercy to which Kevin blackmails him with the promise of hiding his middle name. Cue Kevin putting Eddy through a freak show, including dressing like Jimmy, kissing Double D, acting like a seal and pretending to wet himself. Then what? KEVIN TELLS HIS NAME TO THE CUL DE SAC ANYWAY. Naturally, all the other kids besides the eds verbally bully him mercilessly, leaving him devasted. Kevin is completely unapologetic and just to add insult to injury, he gets off scot-free. Double D then tries to cheer him by telling his own bad middle name. Cue Eddy's stabbing him in the back and telling the kids his middle name so they all bully him instead and Ed can't help but laugh. Needless to say, took a level in JERKASS doesn't begin to describe Kevin's unprovoked, spiteful treatment of Eddy here, nor Eddy's betrayal or the out of character ridicule of all the other kids, including the nicer ones like Nazz and Johny. As always, Kevin getting off scot-free for being a prick only tenfold the sour taste in my mouth after watching this BULLFUCK.
  • As much a s I love this show, this is the worst episode of the entire series.

    If anyone ever asks why I believe Kevin is the worst character on Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, here is the prime reason. So in this episode, the Eds are doing one of their scams and it goes array as usual. Kevin then finds a wallet and finds out that it's Eddy's and his middle name is Skipper. Kevin uses it as a way to blackmail Eddy and get him to do very embarrassing things, or else Kevin tells the neighborhood kids his middle name. Kevin goes really overboard with his cruelty to Eddy in this episode. He makes poor Eddy do stuff like dances, Kevin wets Eddy's pants, and of all things, make Eddy kiss Double-D. Was that really necessary to see Eddy and Edd kiss at all? It was uncalled for completely. So after doing so many bad and humiliating things, Kevin still spills Eddy's middle name and the kids mock him and make fun of him. So does Kevin get anything coming to him for making fun of Eddy and humiliating him so badly? No, nothing bad happens to him at all. Are you kidding me? After all that, Kevin gets off scott free? If I were a character on that show, I would have beaten Kevin to a pulp, find out his middle name, and I would have let the whole world know his middle name, and make Kevin listen to the world laugh at his middle name. I know Eddy can be a jerk a lot, but he makes everyone feel sorry for him, and he didn't deserve any of this punishment at all. Kevin should have gotten his comeuppance for what he did. If you love Ed, Edd, n' Eddy like I do, this is one episode you really must NOT see at all.
  • Oh go cry in a box.

    Kevins' being a complete jerk is what makes half of the interaction time between him and the Eds' as funny as it is, it's just part of his character and if you've all got your panties in a twist over a fictional tiff you need to step outside for a while. I for one quite enjoyed this episode because it played to Eddy and Kevins' rivalry, which is always fun to witness considering the cartoons physical law, or lack there of, especially in ' All Eds' are off'. It is also not as if Eddy hasn't turned a fair share of blackmail as well as humiliation for Kevin, it's just the relationship between both of the characters. If this episode isn't your favorite place blame on the writers not a character without sentient thought. If you're so upset at a Cartoon character for playing into the role Antonucci wrote for him that you wish this character dead, I suggest shutting off your TV and seriously re evaluating your life.
  • Kevin is so cruel in this episode. In fact, he is always cruel but not as cruel as turned out to be in this episode.


    One of the reasons I LIKE and don't LOVE this cartoon is because of that evil character Kevin. Right next to Sarah, Kevin the most cruel and irritating character on this cartoon and it's really hard for me to even LOVE this cartoon with Kevin and Sarah (always) and the rest of the Cul-De-Sac kids (sometimes) become total jerks. It really is hard for me to LOVE this cartoon when that problem strikes. If you are wondering "Why does tigerdude22 only LIKE and NOT LOVE this cartoon, it's awesome". Well, I just answered that question in this review right now. I just hated how Kevin was treating Eddy in this episode. Eddy is also one of the most despised characters in this show but I did feel bad for Eddy though. Eddy may be mean and selfish but he isn't as bad as Kevin. If I were in this episode, I go to Kevin and freakin' punch him in the face. I haven't seen this episode in a long time so I really don't remember anything. The only thing I do remember is that I didn't laugh once... not even when I was a little kid and LOVED this cartoon back then. Kevin sees that Eddy's middle name is Skipper (Yes, I remember that) and I also remember that he uses it as an opportunity to blackmail Eddy BUT later on... he still tells everyone about his middle name and that's when Eddy's life was over. Overall, I seriously hated this episode when I was a kid, when I rewatched it last year, and I now that I will still hate it if I rewatch it again so I never want to watch this cruel and awful episode ever again... I don't even recommend this to the fans because I'm sure they will be disappointed as well. 1/10

  • Kevin -_-

    Look I hated Kevin more than usual in this episode too,but it had great parts like when Ed was beating Double D at tic tac toe by playing the wrong way,Eddy kissing Double D,and when Double D told Eddy his middle name Marien (think I spelled that right.) Anyway what happened in this episode, Kevin found a wallet and it told Eddy's middle name. Eddy begs Kevins for him to not tell anyone,then he takes advantage of Eddy and makes him do dumb stuff to make him look stupid. Kevin tells the kids his middle name anyway.

    Ugh, I dispise kevin,but this episode was awesome! 10/10
  • The weakest episode of Ed,Edd'n'Eddy with a poor concept and some standout moments

    Edd,Edd'n'Eddy is one of my favoutire animated shows in my opinion; As is the case with a majority (Perhaps all) animated shows or maybe live action shows, there are bound to be a few clunkers here and there as its almost impossible to have any type of TV show to have a Perfect Streak. 'Your Ed Here' is exactly the case for Ed,Edd'n'Eddy in this scenario.

    I must say, this could be perhaps the weakest episode of Ed,Edd'n'Eddy right next to 'It smells like an Ed', these are possibly some of the small minority of episodes I consider clunkers when compared to the endless amounts of classic episodes. The main reason as to why this has to be possibly the weakest episode is down to the concept and the way the episode was told, those would seem like the marks to give this a very low score, but there were moments that just gave us a few good laughs to not set it to the point where it was just god-awful, but just merely average.

    The episode does start off promising to that good old Ed,Edd'n'Eddy fashion of having nothing to do with the plot, but see another one of eddy's scams become surprisingly successful, with a hilarious moment of Ed stealing Johnnys eyes & the way they made the wax stood out as well.

    Soon, the episode then takes a turn for the worse when Kevin just happens to find a wallet which just so happens to be Eddy's wallet with no cash. At that moment, Kevin learns that Eddy's middle name is 'Skipper' on Eddys Bio in the wallet.

    It turns out that nobody knows off Eddys middle name in the cul-de-sac and Eddy would predict to be ridiculed judging by how desperate Eddy doesn't want Kevin to tell everyone in the Cul-de-sac that skipper is his middle name, seeing that to everyone, skipper is just a silly and embarrasing name to be held.

    There wasn't really much story here, just a long running joke that was just awful as Eddy was doing embarrasing acts to stop Kevin from telling. To be honest, as much as Ed,Edd'n'Eddy is a show that usually executes the humour in a brilliant fashion in these bizarre and young child dilemmas, here, it just didn't seem all that funny.
    It was just hard to watch Eddy give up his cash (Lame way to lose the cash BTW), eat a full fish, act like a seal, kissing Double D on the lips, dressing up as Jimmy and letting Kevin wet Eddy in the crotch in front of almost everyone in the Cul-De-Sac.

    The worst part about this episode is that a name you were born with and being mocked for it isn't really a laugh riot, but just sinking to a low; Many off the Cul-De-Sac kids just looked like a bunch of Jerks as they had no sympathy for Eddy during all of this, even Nazz which I was surprised with, especially Kevin.
    I know Kevin has done devious things to Eddy in the past, usually that are standout and hilarious (A Boy and his Ed), but not to a low point like this as he tells them his middle name anyways...yup, this episode is possibly the only episode where I dislike Kevin as he was an absolute Douche in this episode. Usually, you can laugh with Eddy for his misfortunes mostly, here, its just hard to laugh at a scenario like this.

    However, it wasn't all too bad, there were moments that delivered some great laughs as I found Ed and Double D the bickering couple here. Watching Ed constantly keep getting the game Os and Xs either incorrect or wrong was just plain silly and hilarious and was probably the part that gave you the most laughs. And while I did state that being made fun off and doing embarrasing acts to not know a name was not funny, Double-Ds middle name as 'Marian' was amusing as at least Double-D didn't have to go through the torture Eddy had when he was setup by Kevin.

    But, those moments weren't enough to save it from being an mediocre episode of Ed,Edd'n'Eddy. Had it not been for the comedic parts of Ed, Jonny and Double-D, there would be not much I'd have to say to this other than to observe Kevins douchery in this episode and to say its just a bad episode in general.
    But as it is, its possibly the weakest episode of the show and although it'll seem forgettable, it'll be remembered as a mediocre episode at best, but a pain in the rear at worst.

    At least, from the top of my head, the show has many episodes that are absolute classics with laugh riots, 'Your Ed Here' on the other hand, gets the mediocre end of the stick and if this is your 1st episode of Ed,Edd'n'Eddy, give the show a chance as its moments are found in a huge majority of episodes that are clever and funny rather than a small minority of weaker ones which are just crass and seruiously lack in many laughs.

    Score: 5.9/10
  • Oh that jerk!

    I don't mean to say this,but Kevin should die already.I should beat him up for what he did to Eddy in this episode.He promised not to tell Eddy's middle name than he tells.He's such a big fat jerk.I would stab him for what he did.He deserves a big fat knife in his head.Then Eddy became the jerk of the show when he told Edd's middle name.Eddy and Kevin is not cool after all.They are big fat jerk who deserves a knife stab in their head.Kevin made Eddy kiss Edd.That's so cruel to do for a boy.I hate this jerk episode.It has a lot of cruel things and Kevin went to far this time.He needs to be punished.Which is why this episode stinks so much.It's one of the worst episode ever made and a stupid and cruel episode to make.Kevin and Eddy are big fat idiots and jerks.I hate Eddy so much and now I hate Kevin so much that he shouldbe punished and should die to the bowels of death.He's even worst than Jimmy or any other bad episode.
  • Worst, episode, Ever.

    This episode was HORRID! I think the creators made this as a joke. The amount of cruelty to Eddy was FAR too high and I just wanted to go in, give Eddy and his friends a lifetime supply of Jawbreakers, and burn Kevin. I mean, Eddy, didn't even do anything, and he does all that humiliating stuff for no reason at all! I just wanna kill Kevin. I hope he burns in hell. He's nothing but a stupid plot device! Also, why didn't anyone help? I expected more out of Nazz, but no. She goes along. Have fun with Kev in Hell, Nazz!
  • Worst episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

    I don't mean to be a jerk, but this episode is the worst episode in Ed, Edd n Eddy. Kevin is such an a**hole! He discovers Eddy's middle name and spreads it to everyone in the cul-de-sac! OMG, that's the stupidest thing anyone's ever done! All of the kids starts teasing Eddy when they discover his middle name! I mean, they're all bad in this episode. What's wrong with having a middle name? Plus, Kevin dares Eddy to do the most embarrassing things that he'd ever want to do, especially dress like Jimmy! I hope he goes to hell for teasing the Eds!
  • JERK!

    This episode is so cruel! KEVIN SUCKS! He revealed eddy's name to everyone in the cul de sac even though eddy did everything he told him to do. That is cruelness right there. This episode is cruel and mean to eddy and made him a slave for nothing because kevin told everyone hios secret middle name even though he was his imminent slave. This is an episode worsyt off all others where eddy wa being tortured and Kevin is the cruelest off all. GRR. His only jerky excuse was that he blatantly forgiot what he wasn't even told to do.
  • Horrible episode

    This episode is one of my least favourites, I know not everyone is an Eddy fan, but even if this had happened to Double D I would still hate it with a passion, Eddy does everything Kevin asks him to, yet, Kevin reveals his middle name anyway, it's out of order, simply for Kevin's cruelty in this episode, I think Eddy fully DESERVES his revenge, a real shame that people are starting to like Kevin too, maybe the jerk should do something bad to Double D, and people would actually start hating him more, he's a jerk, he's out of line, and he's a liar, using blackmail to humiliate Eddy, how anyone can like a jerk like Kevin when he does stuff like this is unbelievable.
  • I hated every minute of this episode. I hate Kevin so much.

    This episode was awful. Kevin finds out Eddy's middle name and made Eddy do insulting things that everyone laughed at him for. And to make things worse, Kevin tells the cul-de-sac brats anyay. I felt so sorry for Eddy that I cried. And I barely ever cry. Not to mention I was so angry that I threw the remote as hard as I could at the TV screen. If I was a character in the show, I would march right up to kevin, yank his hat off, tear it into pieces and beat him to death. Then I'd take his money and give it to the Eds to buy Jawbreakers with!
  • One of the best in the series!

    I really loved this show and it was one of the best
    In the series as Eddy's middle name was revealed to be Skipper and he wasn't proud of it at all.
    But then when Double D tells him that his middle name is Marion, then the joke is on Double D. I have a very hearty laugh in who knows long!
  • *wolf whistle*

    When Eddy grabs Double D and kisses him on the mouth, I nearly died laughing. See, this is where people get ideas for slash fiction for this show. Just a couple of guys... kissing...
    I\\\\\\\'m confused though. Was that to draw attention away from his middle name?
    Or (wait for it...) was that just for the heck of it?
    This show is hy-LAR-i-ous.
    And what was that Ed said when Double D staggered away from Eddy and stood beside him? \\\\\\\"One is a lonely number.\\\\\\\" Ed amkes a lot of sense when you get what he\\\\\\\'s saying.
    Because otherwise...? O_o
    Once you catch on to EEnE slash, you notice it all throughout the show. That\\\\\\\'s pretty cool... I think.
  • Ok I don't care what anybody says, but when Eddy kissed Double D that was FUNNY! This episode really lets us know alot.

    This has to be one of the well thought of episodes. We find out so many things which in my opinion is good.

    Yes, yes you may think that in this one Kevin is a "jerk" but if you really think about all kids are jerks......well not me....at least I don't think so...anyway.

    Who in the world would give there kid the middle name "Skipper"?! Nobody does that! Then who would give there kid the middle name "Marion"?!?! AND IT'S A GUY! COME ON PEOPLE! But I do love this episode, it is well written, well drawn, well thought of, and well just all around funny! Although I wouldn't recommend for this one to be the first one you see, especially if your parents are in the room....yeah two boys kissing isn't a very good thing for your parents to see you watching.

    Well, this one will remain a classic in my mind.
  • KEVIN IS A JERK!!!!!

    Kevin is a massive jerk in this episode. He has no respect for anyone. Nope. None. Especially for Eddy. I usually think Eddy is a self-centered twerp, but in this one I was sorry for him. Kevin made him go through all of that embarrassment. Oh, so Kevin promises Eddy if he does a whole load of riduclous things he\'ll keep Eddy\'s middle name a secret? And after all that, he just tells them and embarrasses Eddy even more? It\'s sickenin! So the Kevin drives away looking all cool wehn he\'s not on his stupid bike laughing. Eddy should tell someone. Kevin should get disciplined. He\'s a bully.

    This episode sucked as much as Squeakerboxxx on Foster\'s. A bad ending and a sad episode. Who could like it? Kevin is just a jerk! He has got to learn!