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Ed Stevens is a contracts lawyer at a high-profile New York City firm. Around the same time he splits with his wife (who slept with a mailman), he makes a single error in punctuation when going over a contract. Because of the resulting financial loss to the firm, he's fired. Despondent, he heads back to his (small) hometown of Stuckeyville -- 'Anytown', USA. There he realizes he's been missed by a lot of friends whom he's missed and he sees Carol, the girl he'd adored in high school. Swept up in roiling emotions, Ed buys the local bowling alley on a whim, moves to Stuckeyville, and determines to win Carol's heart. His horizons broaden as he settles once more in Stuckeyville, and the series itself settles into a charming, funny, often serious slice-of-life series focused not solely on Ed but on the lovable ensemble cast of people who live and work with him in Stuckeyville.
THEME SONG The first season's theme song was Foo Fighters' "Next Year" from their There Is Nothing Left To Lose CD. The second season's theme song was Clem Snide's "Moment In The Sun" from their The Ghost of Fashion CD. "Next Year" was welcomed back as the theme song at the beginning of the third season.
SYNDICATION As of 2007, the show is not in syndication, but CMT Canada has announced they started airing the show September 8, 2006 at 8pm. It's not believed to be aired in the USA.
DVDs As of 2008, there are no official DVDs available for the show. Judging from what we've heard, the reason for the delay in getting DVDs to the market is the music rights are expensive. The show used a lot of tracks from a large number of artists, and it would be very expensive for NBC to acquire the rights to use the music on the DVDs.moreless

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  • Lesley Boone

    Lesley Boone

    Molly Hudson

    Michael Ian Black

    Michael Ian Black

    Phil Stubbs

    Rachel Cronin

    Rachel Cronin

    Shirley Pifko

    Jana Marie Hupp

    Jana Marie Hupp

    Nancy Burton

    Josh Randall

    Josh Randall

    Mike Burton

    Ginnifer Goodwin

    Ginnifer Goodwin

    Diane Snyder (Episodes 45-55, recurring previously)

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    • Hillary

      I love your show , but how can you support Hillary when Bill passed NFTA , What will she do?
    • why does c and the sentake so many day off.

      can u tell me why c and the sen. only work two moh out of the year? there get pay $250.000 ayear and do not. hope to hear fromu.
    • I loved this show and am sincerely disappointed that it's still not available on DVD.

      This show was fantastic and really well put together. Every character was brilliant and the story lines were really effective. I know that it never got very high ratings, but it's still got enough of a niche audience that it should definitely be available on DVD or at least available for download. In this day and age when almost every show on TV is either a trashy reality show or a spin off of a show that started 20 years ago and does the same thing every week, shows like this need to be made readily available to fans of good television.moreless
    • After being fired from his job and finding out his wife has been cheating on him, Ed Stevens moves back to his home of Stuckeyville, buys a bowling alley, which he starts a lawyer's office in, and goes after his first love, Carol Vessey.moreless

      Ed was a very underappreciated show by Rob Burnett, former producer of The Late Show With David Letterman. This dramedy is one of the first great shows of this millenium. It was a heart-warming, sweet, random and suprisingly touching show. Ed knew how to combine laughter that would have the viewer grabbing their sides with great drama that would have the same viewer reaching for the tissues. The show was filled with such original characters as Phil Stubbs, played by Michael Ian Black, assistant manager at the Stuckeybowl, the bowling alley/lawfirm, and consistent attention grabber. There was also Warren Chezwick, played by Justin Long, the nervous, nerdy kid who just wanted the popular cheerleader, but was afraid he would never stand out. These are just a few of the outstanding characters. What made this show so great was the stories. No episode seemed like filler, which is more than I can say for most television shows, and each episode was an original idea that you definitely had not seen before, also very difficult to find. With the rise of the success of such Ed stars as Julie Bowen, Michael Ian Black and Justin Long, Ed should hopefully find its way to DVD. Some company like Shout! Factory, who did an amazing job with other underappreciated shows like Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared, would do a great job with this gem. This was a show that did not get the audience it deserved. A beautifully done, well written and acted, fun, sweet and emotional show, that should have had incredible success instead of struggling through four amazing seasonsmoreless
    • Lawyer, bowling alley owner, combine them and you get hilarity.

      This show was strong, and it was solid and funny and enjoyable, and family oriented, and and and :) I enjoyed every episode of this, I catch it whenever I can on TV and when I got into it never missed an episode. This show could have gone on for several years, but it made one large mistake, it removed the sexual tension, the will they won't they that drives so many shows for years. The only way they could have gotten it back was if they had turned one of the beloved 2 into a villain, and while they could have done so with Carol, this show was far to classy to sellout just for the sake of getting another season or 2.moreless

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