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Why is the name Godfrey recurring in almost every episode?

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    If you take notice to the names used in Ed to name none-important characters then you soon realise that almost everyone, at least the male ones, are named Godfrey. Why is that? I've only watched the first season and it has recurred in almost every episode.
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    It's an inside joke from the crew. In an interview back in 2001, Rob Burnett said this about it:

    ...during the casting call for the character of Phil (as Donal Logue was only a "temp" Phil and left the project to do "Grounded for Life"), there was an African-American actor who was listed on the casting sheet only as "Godfrey." Both Rob and Jon were writing the early episodes at the time, and were so taken with it that they both wrote it into the episode they were each writing. By the time episode 12-13 rolled around, they realized that it was "ruining the show," and dropped it.

    If you're wondering where I got this information, there's an awesome website called www.stuckeyville.com, where some people still gather and talk about this great show. You made me go back there now, and it felt good

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