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  • The most underappreciated show ever. A perfect combination of romance (that is not excessively cheesy) and comedy. The story and characters are just flawless. I challenge anyone to watch the show properly and not like it.

    The show evolves around the complex relationship of Ed Stevens, a small town lawyer and Carol Vessay, a local high school teacher. It all begins when Ed comes home early from work one day and finds that his wife is sleeping with the mail man and from there decides his life is need of major changes.

    So while drinking away his sorrows and looking back through his high school year book, he finds Carol's high school photo and then acting on a whim goes back to his hometown of Stuckville in search of her to ask her out on a date.

    With his charm, Ed convinces Carol to go on a date with him if he can bowl a strike with his eyes closed. Ed succeeds and to forever remember the moment, he buys the bowling alley and from then on he becomes known to the locals as "The Bowling Alley Lawyer".

    Then throughout the TV show, it shows the many ups and downs of the relationship between the two characters while throwing in the occasional side story showing the lives of the other characters in the show. This is the basic main plot to the show and the show is not mainly a court drama as people might think though for the first two series almost every episode has a court case in it which has some sort of moral story behind it.

    The show to me is very unique and I have never seen such a great story that the show has with it's two characters of Ed and Carol. The long running saga of will they or wont they is just perfect and full of obstacles that will keep on always wanting to watch the next episode to see what happens next.

    Truely a great show that was underappreciated and did not reach a big enough audience which was probably down to lack of advertising. Again, I challenge anyone to watch the show properly and not like it :)