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  • This show follows the life of Ed. After a divorce and being fired from his job, he decides to move back home to Stuckeyville. He takes this opportunity to start over again. We get to see him change, grow, learn, impact his community, and fall in love.

    I really enjoy this show. I think it’s one of the greatest things on T.V. I also agree that it is very much underappreciated. Not many people have heard of the show or have seen it. This is partly due to the fact that it’s on right smack in the middle of the day from noon to one. I don’t get to watch it too often, being that I am a student. Yet, every time there is a holiday or a day off from school I promptly tune in at noon. I have missed many episodes, but the ones that I have watched have been terrific. It is such a wholesome show that depicts a simple town with amazing people. What keeps me watching are the characters and their relationships. Ed is just such a great guy. He’s a hopeless romantic and one of the kindest people that you’d hope to meet. It is great to see him help others and fall in love. Carol Vessey is an incredible teacher and there is no doubt as to why Ed is so in love with her. I like watching the events that unfold at the school where she works at. Most shows that depict school don’t actually go into the classroom. They show scenes around it like in the halls and such, or maybe students talking in the classroom near the end of the class. Rarely does it show kids in the process of learning and the teachers teaching, like this show does. I think that’s something that’s really great to see. Characters such as Warren Cheswick and Ed’s employees at the Stuckey Bowl are hilarious. They keep me chuckling the whole hour long. They are funny and also sincere. This show is a good one because of these characters and how they have developed into better people. In this show, you can see the growth that every person goes through. You can see the choices that they’ve had to make. You see them learn from their mistakes and move on. This show is terrific because the acting is superb, the stories are well written, and the characters are so lovable. That is why Ed deserves a 10!