Ed - Season 1

NBC (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Prom Night
    Prom Night
    Episode 22
    At the same time Ed receives a visit and a job offer from his old colleague, Carol invites him to the Stuckeyville HS junior prom; To avoid the embarrassment of not having a date, Warren seeks out an escort service; Phil attempts a string of comical practical jokes to get on a TV show.moreless
  • Mixed Signals
    Mixed Signals
    Episode 21
    Ed represents a golfer suing a fan who shouted out while he was making an easy putt-thus costing him the win; Warren can't decide whether to ask reliable Donna or dream-girl Jessica to the prom.
  • Mind Over Matter
    Mind Over Matter
    Episode 20
    To ensure that Stuckeybowl outlasts him, Ed seeks to have it declared an historical landmark. Meanwhile in court, he reprresents a man overcharged for a placebo pill; Jeff causes friction between Molly and Carol.
  • Window of Opportunity
    Ed is dismayed when a couple decides to marry at Stuckeybowl simply because the man bowled a strike. In court he helps a man get a restraining order against his overzealous brother who is trying to help him stick to his diet; Warren fears that he's missed his chance with Donna.moreless
  • The Test
    The Test
    Episode 18
    Ed's old high school girlfriend, Kara, tests her husband's fidelity by hiring a friend to come on to him, When the husband fails the test by sleeping with the woman, Ed helps Kara in the divorce settlement. Meanwhile Carol tries to stop the forced retirement of the school's music teacher due to budget reasons. Also Nancy tests the nanny to determine if she's trustworthy.moreless
  • Exceptions
    Episode 17
    Ed and Carol finds themselves on opposite sides when he represents a gym coach who is flunking one of her best students; Dr. Jerome continues to humiliate Mike; Shirley starts working as Ed's legal clerk.
  • Live Deliberately
    Live Deliberately
    Episode 16
    A brush with death inspires a local man to change his life and do things he's never done before such as scale a wall, bowl naked, and go out with Molly. Meanwhile, Ed tries to recapture his youth by doing things he did when he was 18, and Warren becomes inspired by Thoreau's call to "simplify".moreless
  • Loyalties
    Episode 15
    As Ed and Bonnie grow more comfortable in their relationship, Carol grows more uncomfortable so Ed suggests that they all go out for dinner. Not wanting to be a third wheel, Carol brings an escort along. But dinner is a disaster for everyone when a misundering with her escort forces Carol to betray Molly's confindence and Bonnie drops a bombshell on Ed: she's accepted a job in Washington, DC; Big Rudy, the former owner of Stuckeybowl decides he wants the bowling alley back and resorts to dirty tricks to get what he wants-even enlisting Phil's help. In court Ed represents a singer/songwriter suing her band for the rights to her songs after she was kicked out.moreless
  • Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
    Episode 14
    Ed represents a priest who is being fired for not increasing the church's congregation; Phil turns love-doctor and tries to make an ordinary man into a "love machine"
  • The Music Box
    The Music Box
    Episode 13
    When Carol's music box is stolen from her car, Ed tries to help in apprehending the thief. Though the music box is valuable, Carol really wants it returned for sentimental reasons (her grandfather gave it to her). During the investigation, Carol lets her jealousy of Bonnie get the best of her and the two butt heads. Finally the culprit is found and with Ed's detective work the man is brought in for questioning. Unfortunately the man has an alibi. Ed investigates the alibi and learns that the man lied. Confronted by Ed, the thief admits that he stole the music box because he was desperate for money because he lost everything while supporting his sick mother. He refuses to admit that in court however until Ed promises to talk the DA into waiving jailtime and putting him on probation. When Bonnie learns about the deal, she becomes furious that Ed used their relationship to his advantage, but she does end up waiving jailtime anyway, to Carol's dismay. Later that night, Ed and Bonnie take their relationship to a whole new level.

    Meanwhile, Warren learns that the girl of his dreams, Jessica, is joining a league at Stuckeybowl and so he tries to join too. Unfortunately the only team available is Phil's. Desperate to be near Jessica, Warren agrees and become errand boy to Phil and his two older teammates. Just when Warren thinks the evening is a total loss, he learns that the team rescued him by making some "adjustments" to Jessica's boyfriend's car. Warren then sees his chance and comes to Jessica's rescue by offering her a ride home. The ride earns Warren a kiss on the cheek.moreless
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker
    Ed handles a case involving a man being fired if he doesn't make a fish "sing"; Mike believes the Burton's new nanny has a crush on him; the Stuckeybowl staff tries to come up with ideas to drum up business.
  • Opposites Distract
    Opposites Distract
    Episode 11
    Ed locks horns with a sassy new D.A. while defending a man charged with breaking the law by putting dimes in parking meters; Molly chides Carol for taking Ed's attention for granted; Phil searches for his own personal catch phrase; Nancy must decide whether she wants to accept a promotion at work.moreless
  • Losing Streak
    Losing Streak
    Episode 10
    Ed's visiting parents show their disapproval of his new life in Stuckeyville; Ed defends two men being sued for pulling a prank involving a lottery ticket; Carol becomes coach for the school's losing junior varsity basketball team; Shirley and Kenny stake out a vandal at Stuckeybowl.
  • Your Life Is Now
    Your Life Is Now
    Episode 9
    The return of former high football star, Troy McCallum, brings out feelings of resentment in both Ed and Carol. Meanwhile Ed tries to help high school student Warren, whose nerd vs. jock conflict mirrors his own.
  • The Whole Truth
    The Whole Truth
    Episode 8
    When Molly's grandfather hires Ed to write his will, he ends up revealing a shocking secret;; Mike has a new rival at the doctor's office; Phil hosts an open-mike night at Stuckeybowl.
  • Something Old, Something New
    On his first Thanksgiving without his wife, Ed decides to start a new tradition and arranges an unconventional Thanksgiving feast at Stuckeybowl for his friends; Phil schemes to resell store bought turkeys as marked up Corinthian birds; Mike dreads spending the holiday with his father-in-law; Ed represents a young man who was hurt while breaking into a man's cabin (on a dare) and is suing the owner.moreless
  • Home Is Where the Ducks Are
    Carol shocks Ed by announcing that she is leaving Stuckeyville to become a writer; Ed concocts Stuckeyville's first-ever Festival of Ducks to boost the town's reputation; Phil becomes mentor to a young bowler.
  • Better Days
    Better Days
    Episode 5
    Carol drowns her sorrows over breaking up with Nick with a "Xanadu" marathon; Ed represents a jittery bride-to-be who sues her hairdresser over a bad pre-wedding haircut; feeling that her relationship with Mike is in a rut, Nancy decides to spice things up by starting a book club; Ed steps forward and makes yet another bold move to win over Carol's affections, which runs into a snag and causes some misunderstandings.moreless
  • Pretty Girls and Waffles
    Ed defends a secretary being sued over a payroll error; Carol decides that she and Nick have to end their relationship; Mike is reviewed by his superior; Molly selects talent over beauty in casting the school play.
  • Just Friends
    Just Friends
    Episode 3
    Ed goes up against his old law firm in a case involving four friends who wrote up a contract on a bar napkin. At the same time, he must pick a manager for Stuckeybowl and deal with being "just friends" with Carol. Nancy and Mike fuss over who takes care of the baby at night.moreless
  • The World of Possibility
    Carol's childhood diaries prove useful when the town's premier magician, Stuckeyville Stan, sues a competitor for revealing his secrets; Nancy becomes threatened by the baby's nanny.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    Ed Stevens has just been fired for misplacing a comma in a 500 page contract, which cost his law firm employer millions of dollars. When he arrives home to give his wife the bad news, he finds her in bed with the mailman. He decides to pack it all in and head back to his hometown of Stuckeyville, Ohio. When he runs into Carol Vessey, the girl of his high school dreams who is now an English teacher at Stuckeyville High School, he decides to stick around and purchase the local bowling alley, where he sets up a law practice.

    Ed moves in with his best friend Mike and Mike's wife Nancy who are adjusting to life with a new baby. Still intent upon winning over Carol, Ed dons a suit of armor and enters her oom carrying flowers and seeking a date. Although she is dating another faculty member, Carol agrees.