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Eden (1992)

USA (ended 1993)


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Eden (1992)

Show Summary

The show centers around the Sinclairs and a resort, called Eden, that they had owned together. Grant (Jeff Griggs) and Josh (Steve Chase) Sinclair are brothers, and Eve (Barbara Alyn Woods) had been married to Grant before his untimely death in a boating accident. Grant's will requires Eve to remarry within two years of his death or she will lose control of the resort. The series starts almost two years after Grant's death, and Eve remains unmarried, still to much in love with Grant to move on.

Eden Staff: Randi Banks (Darcy DeMoss) is the fitness trainer, BD Thomas (Jack Armstrong) is the scuba instructor.

Dean Scofield appears later in the series and plays the character Paul Murdock. Murdock is/was the best friend of Grant Sinclair, and is the current friend of Eve. Scofield also appeared as Fred on the television show Archie Bunker's Place (1979-1980).

Eden's Complete Series DVD outer box notes that there were 26 episodes. The DVD's contained within the box contain six long episodes (Eden 1 - Eden 6). Conceivably, the rather long Eden episodes were originally broken down into 26 episodes, but no episode break is obvious in the current format.moreless
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  • Watch one episode and you\'ve seen them all

    There are a few redeeming features to this show. Although one would be right to be wary of a Playboy produced soap opera, once you cut through the Vaseline smeared sex scenes, there is a certain amount of fun to be had laughing at the ludicrous set pieces and sexual innuendo. It\'s also interesting to see One Tree Hill\'s Barbara Alyn Woods in a totally different but equally insipid role as Eve Sinclair.

    Ostensibly, in the right hands and with more emphasis on both character and plot, this could have been a Playboy Melrose Place. However helmed by the dreadful duo of Henry Stern and Stephen Black who desecrated daytime\'s As the World Turns during the mid 1990s, it\'s actually -- dare I say it -- boring. Character such as scheming slut Randi should be fun but the plot moves nowhere and the dialogue has no wit to it at all. It\'s a shame. An adult soap opera could work but nudity isn\'t enough to make it.moreless