Eden (1992)

USA (ended 1993)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Eden 6
      Eden 6
      Episode 6
    • Eden 5
      Eden 5
      Episode 5
    • Eden 4
      Eden 4
      Episode 4
      Several Plotlines. 1) Melissa Melissa is filmed engaged in sexual activity with several people on several occasions.
    • Eden 3
      Eden 3
      Episode 3
      Several plotlines. 1) Amy Amy and fiancee arrive at Eden. Amy gives fiancee some bearer bonds she has, and fiancee tries to kill her.
    • Eden 2
      Eden 2
      Episode 2
      Story lines: 1) Celine, Greg Baron and Randi. Celine and Greg are on vacation at the resort. Celine runs Linda Winston's cosmetics, and feels that the employees give her more trouble than they gave her mother, when she ran the company. Randi, the resort fitness trainer, gets sexually close to one of her female fitness clients, Celine. A love triangle between Randi, Celine and Greg. 2) Paul, Juliet and Eve. Introduction of Paul Murdock (a horse breeder), childhood friend, and adult best friend of Eve's dead husband Grant, and Juliet, Paul's significant other (a TV journalist). Eve and Paul recall memories of Grant. Their vacation is cut short, when Juliet gets the chance to interview Castro. Paul and Eve go horse back riding. While on that trip, they recall various romances, like Paul's ex, Susan. Afterwards, they have dinner. Juliet returns to find Eve in Paul's room. Specifically, she runs into Eve in Paul's shower, with Juliet in her underwear. 3) Josh and Eve. Josh, Grant's brother, still pursues Eve. Josh mentions to Eve that he dislikes Paul. Paul, Josh and Eve go out on Paul's boat. Eve freaks out when a boat almost hits their boat, and she briefly believes that Grant is piloting that boat. Josh really wants Eve to go off to San Francisco with him, but Eve doesn't want to leave Eden. Josh heads off to San Francisco, alone. 4) Eve and Grant. Eve still can't get her dead husband Grant out of her system. While she is on the boat trip with Paul and Josh, she fantasies that Grant show up to join her. They make out. While waiting for Paul to get off the phone at dinner, Eve fantasizes about Grant turning up, and they screw around. While taking a bath, Eve fantasizes about Grant again. 5) BD, dive instructor. Hooks up with some of the guests, mostly off-screen, though he does get some on-screen action. As women through themselves at BD, he begins to get a little tired of all the action, of being a boy toy.moreless
    • Eden 1
      Eden 1
      Episode 1
      FOUR PLOTLINES: 1) EVE, JOSH and GRANT SINCLAIR: Eve still can't accept Grant's death, and has numerous fantasies that he is still alive, and sexually active. Josh loves, or deeply cares for Eve. 2) The GARRISONS (Ian and Victoria) and ANDREA: Ian had an affair with Andrea and tried to break it off. To celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, the Garrisons vacation at the resort called Eden. Andrea tracks Ian down, and tries to disrupt the Garrisons marriage, because she won't let Ian go. Ian tries to resist her and Victoria is unaware of her (though knows about past women). 3) BD, LACEY and MARNIE: BD, on the Eden staff, hooks up with two women (Lacey and Marnie) who are best friends and guests of Eden. The two women are unaware of BD's romantic involvement with both of them, but both take scuba lessons with him. 4) RANDI BANKS and GABE: Eve's old friend arrives at Eden after a mini-vacation. She arrives penny-less after her divorce from Gabe. Eve sets her up as a fitness trainer at Eden. Gabe tracks down Randi and tries to restart their relationship. Gabe wants to control Randi. Randi, while somewhat unable to control herself around Gabe, wants her independence.moreless