Eden (1992)

USA (ended 1993)


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  • Watch one episode and you\'ve seen them all

    There are a few redeeming features to this show. Although one would be right to be wary of a Playboy produced soap opera, once you cut through the Vaseline smeared sex scenes, there is a certain amount of fun to be had laughing at the ludicrous set pieces and sexual innuendo. It\'s also interesting to see One Tree Hill\'s Barbara Alyn Woods in a totally different but equally insipid role as Eve Sinclair.

    Ostensibly, in the right hands and with more emphasis on both character and plot, this could have been a Playboy Melrose Place. However helmed by the dreadful duo of Henry Stern and Stephen Black who desecrated daytime\'s As the World Turns during the mid 1990s, it\'s actually -- dare I say it -- boring. Character such as scheming slut Randi should be fun but the plot moves nowhere and the dialogue has no wit to it at all. It\'s a shame. An adult soap opera could work but nudity isn\'t enough to make it.