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  • Season 1
    • 6/18/09
      As missiles fill the skies above Japan once more, Takizawa must rush to prevent a catastrophe far greater than Careless Monday. He has the resources - but does he have enough time?
    • 6/11/09
      After finding out Mr. Outside's true identity, Takizawa learns that those responsible for Careless Monday are planning an even greater attack - but the most disturbing revelation concerns his missing memories.
    • 6/4/09
      After years on the fringe of society, Panties finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy when he successfully hacks into Kondo's phone and learns the truth behind Careless Monday.
    • Takizawa, Saki, and Micchon pay a visit to Panties, a reclusive geek who might have the skills to repair Kondo's phone. Across town, Osugi doesn't like what he finds after looking into Takizawa's identity.
    • 5/21/09
      Osugi's life is on the line as Takizawa and the Johnny Hunter engage in a game of cat and mouse. When they finally meet face to face in Kuroha's exquisite lair, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems.
    • Eden of the East
      Episode 6
      Takizawa considers investing in the software created by Saki's club, Eden of the East. The deal could benefit everyone involved, but they must tend to other business first - Osugi seems to be in grave danger.
    • The beautiful and lethal Selecao Kuroha enters the picture. Meanwhile, the actions of two wildly different men - a stranger on the street and the Prime Minister of Japan - prove the extent of Takizawa's influence.
    • During a visit with the respected Dr. Hiura, Takizawa finally learns the rules, expectations, and penalties that come with the role of a Selecao. He also learns how impossibly difficult it's going to be to survive.
    • 4/23/09
      At the shopping mall he calls home, Takizawa receives a violent visit from Kondo. Their next meeting goes just as poorly - the detective, bleeding in the street, reveals monstrous actions from Takizawa's past.
    • 4/16/09
      Takizawa learns some unusual facts from Juiz: if he calls with a request, she'll make it happen - quickly. She also reveals that billions of yen are credited to the device - and Takizawa has to spend it.
    • 4/9/09
      Saki's visit to the U.S. takes an odd turn when she meets Takizawa in front of the White House. He's naked and armed with a gun. He has no memory and may be a terrorist. And he's joining her on a flight to Japan.