Season 1 Episode 1

Collateral Damage

Aired Thursday 4:30 PM Jan 04, 2001 on CBC

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  • Off too a good start.

    The Canadian high school drama starts up in this episode, and it's off too a good start. All the characters are very dynamic, even though they fall under every high school stereotype, it was a good group of kids, and they're all likable, so there wasn't any problems with the characters. Neither the plot, the pilot of a show is supposed to entice you, keep you intrigued to watch more. And this pilot did just that.

    This show starts off slightly different from other high school shows. The thing that makes this show different, is that it's edgy. Get it: "Edge-mont." So the show starts off with Mark and Jen: The Power Couple of Edgemont. They seem to get in a lot of arguments, but they always manage to make up in the end. It turns out that they have not had sex yet, and Mark is waiting around for Jen to be ready to have sex.

    Then there's the new girl: Laurel, who gets involved with the wrong kind of people on the first day of school. Then there's the queen bees: Anika and Erin. Anika is the typical mean girl that has the potential to be more than just a mean girl as the series progresses. And then there's Erin, which I think is the most evil. She doesn't seem that way, but she is very undermining and she could easily subtly destroy someone like Laurel. Scott & Craig are the Nobody's.

    Scott has a crush on Laurel, and Craig has a crush on the waitress: Maggie, who is older and has a boyfriend, Derek. Kat is Mark's sister, and their parents are splitting up which becomes the biggest conflict of all, when their younger brother Travis runs off which becomes the cliffhanger of this episode. There is Chris, the player, who is friends with Gill.

    We don't get to learn much from these two characters, except that Gill copied Chris's term paper. So this pilot keeped me enticed with the cliffhanger, and regardless of the typical stereotypes portrayed on this show, it has great potential to be something more than just a typical high school drama.
  • This show sux

    I hate this show and i hate cbc someone should cancle this show and if your reading this and you like edgemont turn to degrassi the next generation (The-n in usa)(ctv in canada) now thats a highschool drama thankyou very much edgemont get off the stage nobody likes you or your network oh and this episode sucked
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