Season 1 Episode 5

Deal With the Devil

Aired Thursday 4:30 PM Feb 02, 2001 on CBC



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    • Scott: I've decided to become a Druid.
      Craig: You've what?
      Scott: Yeah, it's like you said. Paganism.
      Craig: I was joking.
      Scott: Well, I'm not. I checked it all in, man. It's a very cool religion. I mean, Druids worship nature, basically. They really love trees. And hey, I love trees.
      Craig: (laughs) That is so ridiculous.
      Scott: Hey. You can be an anarchist and I can be a Druid.
      Craig: I'm an anarchist because of my political convictions. You're just trying to get laid.

    • Laurel: I thought we decided we weren't gonna see each other.
      Mark: You decided.
      Laurel: "Let's just be friends" doesn't work for you and me.

    • Scott: Now, this is totally hypothetical, but what I mean is do you figure a Christian would go out with someone like me?
      Shannon: Brenda. Is that who we're talking about?
      Scott: No, of course not. Brenda who?
      Shannon: (laughs) I thought you were looking at her all funny.
      Scott: All right. But don't tell her I asked you. Please.
      Shannon: Okay. This is how it works. If you ask Brenda out, she has to discuss it with a priest. If he thinks you're suitable, then you and Brenda both apply to the Pope for a special dispensation.
      Scott: No. Seriously, if you were a Brenda-type girl, would you go out with a non-Christian guy?
      Shannon: Seriously? Sure.
      Scott: Yeah?
      Shannon: Yeah, but probably not a total atheist. You'd have to have some sort of spiritual side.

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