Season 1 Episode 6

Lover's Leap

Aired Thursday 4:30 PM Feb 08, 2001 on CBC

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  • Jen & Mark sleep together for the first time.

    Well this is a perfect example of what Edgemont deals with, and that's high school. Which contains sec, scandal, rumors, accusations, backstabbing, and love triangles. I don't understand why everyone on this show is so two faced though. I would like to see someone that didn't have an ulterior motive for everything. Not all high school students are that diabolical. In the aftermath of Laurel & Mark kissing, Laurel rejects Mark afterward saying that she isn't a home wrecker. So Mark agrees to break up with Jen. I think Jen knew that Mark was slipping away from her, because of what Anika said, and what everyone else says about Laurel & Mark. So I think that she used sex to keep Mark, the plot was good since emotionally, you can tell that Jen wasn't ready for sex. She was only fifteen at the time. Mark tried to break up with her, only to have sex at the end. This is a pretty big conflict, and I'm excited to see what will Laurel do when she finds out. Chris's plan to sleep with Anika on a bet was a bit harsh, and Erin knows this and encourages Anika to go with Chris. This is what I mean by everyone having an ulterior motive. Although it being harsh, I would like to see Anika being used since she needs to be knocked down a few pegs on the way she treats Laurel, and Erin isn't any better.

    Craig accidentally tying himself to a chair at the coffee place on protest was the comic relief in this episode, and it was good development on his relationship with Maggie.

    Scott and his tree club was a bit pointless, but overall this epsiode was pretty eventful, emotional and surprising overall considering all the twists that happened. A great classic episode of Edgemont.