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  • I remember this show... oh this brings back memories.

    This show was so good. I want to see this again. I want the US to rerun this show again, the only networks that should rerun "Edgemont" are: Teennick, The CW and ABC Family. I really want to see the series back on TV again.
  • Good old times

    review by Francois-Xavier Lupien

    Edgemont. So much memories related to this tv drama series. I've watched this series at two different period in my life first when it was primetime tv back in 2000-2005 and then many years after on FOX44 (2011-today).

    I'm 25 so I was 12-13 when it started. The memories I had from the show were that it was a good show with many characters. I remember the season one more than any others so to me the characters I love the most are Anika and Scott. I think that I knew after season 2 started that Myles was dead, but in a decade I've forgot so to re-discover he had died at such a young age was a real shock to me. Anyway....

    Being a French-speaker Canadian from Montreal English is my second language. So I learned by watching tv shows like this one, or another great show Jonovision. Edgemont was my Watatatow(the equivalent French-Canadian show of the time). The main reason I use to love this show is because it was quite close to my typical day life. But I have to admit that it still bugs me that some elements which could make the show more realistic are missing. First the absence of parents and teachers(Mr. Ravinson was the only teacher named in the show for 5 years??, and the principal Marsh or something), second like someone said in a comment the events were too hasty, mainly because of the 22 minutes length of the program. I think that the first season was written without the intention of making a real sequel. TV approbation maybe. For me the clues are that references from season one are quite absent from the series until the last episode.

    The Myles Ferguson death and series adjustments

    On September 22nd 2000 Myles Ferguson had a car accident. From what I read he was hit by a car who have burn a red light, but I'm not sure. He spend a week in a coma and according to her cousin Lauren Lee Smith he did not survived after three surgeries.

    Plot changes

    As his character Scott Linton did with his girlfriend Brenda (Jud Tylor), it seems like he had found a spiritual peace in his life. His death must have been quite a shock for the crew of Edgemont. Vanessa King aka Anika Nadoe was a long time friend as both of them played in Are You Afraid of the Dark ?. Daniella Evangelista who played the role of Tracy was maybe one of his closest friend as the mother of Daniella was her agent. All the crew of Edgemont had wrote an homage to Myles on the old CBC website page of the show.

    From season 2 an all new character came Kevin Michelsen portrayed by Chas Harrison. He was a little bit different but in a way he was replacing Scott goofiness but had different friends. Kevin appeared in the third or fourth episode of the second season I don't remember. The first episode of the second season was weird because none of the character mentioned the name of Scott. No explanation of his departure as a character. Maybe it was at the demand of the family I don't know. At the end a the episode was dedicated to the memories of Myles. So for the Brenda twist writers had to make a decision so they drew this plot which was pretty clever. Since the first season started after the Spring Brake they explained that Kevin was on an exchange trip to Australia at that moment. Strangely Brenda was a friend of him.

    The Coca-Cola apparent partnership

    In almost all episode especially in season one everytime a character buys a refreshment it was a coca-cola product.

  • Step into the world of high school and hang out with the jocks, the outcasts, the schemers, the dreamers, and the girl-next-door as they navigate the slippery slopes of adolescence and the challenges of growing up.

    I didn't watch the show that much because the series aired on a network that was part of one of the cablevision packages that was not on the original one. I didn't think the series was bad but it did had its flaws and down falls in some episodes. I don't know if the series ended or if they just taking a break but I did see new episodes before we had to cancel and get a different cablevision package. To any teenager who like to watch series on the life of teenagers of a fiction series then this is your kind of show. Good luck at finding this series if you go looking for it.
  • its ok

    i started to watch edgemont since this year and i really get attracted to it,but its finish now and i love the way it ends.everyone gets someone.mark and Laurel finally get back together.chris and jennifer also started to talk back but i did really want for her to have the baby and for them to get married.i am glad that gil and erin work things out and anika diserve what she gets.tarcy and kevin are still friends and i am glad and i did not like the idea for shannon being what she is but i am glad she gets someone in the end that love her.
  • I watched episodes here there. Are new episodes or not. Kristen working if gets up.

    When watch it some episodes over can. When Candana air does it have commerails. The station I watch is called encore wam. I watched episodes here there. Are new episodes or not. Kristen working if gets up. When started up agian with with show. She is better in Smallville than is this show. Anirika is so mean to Laurel at first.
  • Too bad I started to watch this show now, when I;m on my fourth year of university... This show appeals only to teenagers still in high school.

    I admit: I would enjoy this show if I was sixteen. But I;m not... It is still fun to watch, but I do not pay that much attention to it, it's just to fulfill my time.

    The main disadvantage of the show is it's length and inconsistency. You dfo not feel the cuts of the episodes. There are breaks that are pissing you off and too much material is cramped into 20 minutes.

    The characters are the main advantage. They are greatly portraited and written. And, despite I do not think people in high school behave like Anika, ther are different and extraordinary from each other.

    I'm only starting so we see how it goes.
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