Edgemont - Season 3

CBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • 11/29/02
    Mark and Laurel's relationship is put to the test after Mark sees Laurel's video diary. Meanwhile, Anika and Erin get into a fight over Craig.
  • 11/28/02
    An angry Mark discovers Josh knows about his problems at school. Meanwhile, Laurel's video diary falls into the wrong hands, and Anika is hurt when she finds out Craig doesn't like his makeover.
  • This One's For You
    Episode 11
    Craig tries to steal the limelight from Anika when she plans a special video screening, but it only ends up bringing them closer. Meanwhile, Laurel finds out Mark is failing at school, Kat tries to avoid Gil, and Chris woos Jen with opera tickets.
  • Showdown
    Episode 10
    Derek's temper frightens Laurel after he loses his job. Meanwhile, Kat finds out the identity of her long-term Internet correspondent, Demonslayer, and Josh tells Laurel how he feels about her.
  • 11/14/02
    Jennifer and Shannon get into a heated argument at Laurel's slumber party. Meanwhile, Kat finds out her anonymous online friend lives nearby, and Kevin becomes upset when he sees Erin flirting with Mark.
  • 11/7/02
    Craig realizes he has feelings for Anika after finding out that she plans to transfer to another school. Meanwhile, Laurel becomes upset when Josh sharply criticizes her film.
  • 10/31/02
    Laurel worries that Mark's new job will keep them apart. Meanwhile, Jen asks Chris to apologize to Derek and Anika is impeached after helping Craig with a project.
  • Show and Tell
    Episode 6
    Laurel becomes upset when Mark's friends ruin her plans for a romantic dinner. Meanwhile, Jen and Chris's relationship is put to the test when Derek returns from jail, and Shannon helps Craig with a benefit concert.
  • The Paper Chase
    Episode 5
    Kat decides to move back home and clashes with Laurel. Meanwhile, Maggie is on a search for a roommate, Anika is accused of plagerisma and sells out Erin, in order to save herself, and Chris and Jen get closer.
  • Winners and Losers
    Episode 4
    Anika decides to get back at Jennifer for refusing to write a glowing editorial for her. Meanwhile, Laurel and Mark make up, and Erin and Kevin become a couple.
  • Kurvers' List
    Episode 3
    Gil posts a list of the "hottest" girls at his school on the Internet, which could jeopardize Kevin & Erin's growing courtship. Meanwhile, Laurel becomes increasingly stressed about finding a place of her own to live, and Anika enlists Bekka's help to petition against Jennifer's newspaper editorials.
  • The Birthday Boy
    Episode 2
    A family crisis causes Mark and Laurel to put off their plans to move in together. Meanwhile, Anika starts a food-bank campaign to disprove claims that she's shallow and Chris becomes even more infatuated with Jennifer.
  • Dream On
    Episode 1
    Laurel and Mark decide to live together when Laurel announces she's staying in Edgemont without her parents. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries to persuade Shannon to challenge Anika's presidency and Kevin asks Craig for advice on winning Erin's heart.