Edward and Mrs Simpson - Season 1

ITV (ended 1978)


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  • The Abdication
    Episode 7
    The story has broken in the American press, but the British newspapers are still suppressing it. Meanwhile, Wallis has retreated to France. Baldwin and the Archbishop of Canterbury are determined to stop the marriage, but Edward is just as determined to have his own way. The impasse is broken by the King's abdication - but Wallis is appalled. For more, see Recap.moreless
  • Proposals
    Episode 6
    There is turmoil as rumours about the King's intentions fly about. He is convinced he can marry Wallis. Those who think a compromise is possible suggest a 'morganatic' marriage - a device whereby a woman married to a king does not become his queen. But does Edward really want to be King? For more, see Recap.moreless
  • The Decision
    Episode 5
    A few forces are lining up on the King's side, but more are against him. His loyal supporters include Winston Churchill and Sir Walter Monckton, but the bulk of the British establishment, including all the bishops and Stanley Baldwin, his prime minister, are firmly against any possible marriage to Wallis. The King has to decide what to do.moreless
  • The Divorce
    Episode 4
    Wallis is still married to Ernest Simpson, her second husband - but Ernest has not stood in the way of her affair with the new King. Now, both Ernest and Wallis want a divorce, and one is arranged. Already, those who fear a constitutional crisis see Wallis's divorce as a very dangerous development. They begin to think the unthinkable - could their King really be planning to marry a scarlet woman?moreless
  • The New King
    Episode 3
    King George V dies, and his eldest son inherits the throne, taking the title of King Edward VIII. Already, he is thinking of marrying Wallis, but even she is doubtful. The press has the story, but they suppress it. The new King is irritated by a lot of what his father left him and starts to make changes. One thing he won't stand for is 'Sandringham time' - George V liked to keep all his clocks running half an hour fast.moreless
  • Venus at the Prow
    Episode 2
    The playboy Prince of Wales becomes completely besotted with Wallis Simpson and discards his previous mistress, Lady Furness, in favour of Wallis. People in the royal circle (and beyond) begin to talk. But the Prince is unconventional in everything he does, and as yet no one can see the storm which is coming.moreless
  • The Little Prince
    Episode 1
    Edward, Prince of Wales (called David by his family and friends) goes on an African safari, taking one of his married lovers with him. In East Africa, the Prince meets Wallis Simpson, a married American, and falls for her.