Edward the King

Season 1 Episode 5

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1975 on ITV

Episode Recap

After Prince Albert's funeral, Queen Victoria refuses to see Bertie, whom she holds responsible for her husband's death. Bertie is sent to Egypt on an official visit. In deep mourning, the Queen won't even meet with the cabinet. The proposed marriages for Alice and Bertie seem to get delayed, but the Queen decides to go ahead with them before the year of mourning is over. After all, they were both ideas of her husband. In the case of Bertie's marriage to Alix, there is the danger that Alix will accept a proposal from the son of the Russian Czar.

The Royal Family visits Denmark and Bertie proposes to Alix. It is then decided that Alix should spend some time in England before the funeral. Queen Victoria is pleasantly surprised by the Princess's frugality. Alix worries about the reaction of the British public.

Because the nation is still in mourning, the wedding will be held without much pomp and circumstances in a Windsor Chapel. On the day the public show up after all and cheer the young couple.

Bertie and Alix live in Osborne, before moving on to Marlborough House. Bertie expects to be given more official duties and is supported in this by Lord Palmeston. The Queen, however, doesn't believe Bertie is ready yet. She only lets him go to simple ceremonies. And then she's annoyed when he proves to become very popular.

In the international arena there is a growing tension between Prussia and Denmark. Alix stands up for her fatherland even though Bertie and Vicky are closely connected to Prussia.

Alic gives birth to Bertie's son two months early, but the child lives.
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