Edward the King

Season 1 Episode 5

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1975 on ITV



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    • Queen Victoria: You have a duty to deny yourself amusement in order to keep up that moral tone in society which used to be the pride of England. The greatest danger for the country lies in the conduct of the higher classes.
      Bertie: They'll take their tone from me.
      Queen Victoria: And what are you? Nothing but a puppet running about every night for show.

    • Lord Palmerston: I understood that the church objected to the wedding taking place during Lent?
      Queen Victoria: Their objection rests merely on prejudice. Marriage is a solemn, holy act, not to be classed with amusements.

    • Lord Palmerston: (about the queen) She's taken to using the Royal We to show that she speaks both for herself and the spirit of the Prince Consort. When she says 'we', her opinions are not to be changed.

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