Edward the King - Season 1

ITV (ended 1975)




Episode Guide


  • Good Old Teddy
    Episode 13
    Despite his failing health King Edward works hard avoiding war in Europe and reforming Britain.
  • The Peacemaker
    Episode 12
    Determined to contribute to Britain's future, King Edward uses his social skills to re-establish good relationships with other European countries, thereby upsetting his two nephews, the Kaiser and the Czar, who believe Britain is threatening their empires.
  • King at Last
    Episode 11
    He has had to wait sixty years to become King of England, but his coronation keeps getting delayed, first by the Boer War, then by a medical emergency.
  • 6/3/75
    As Queen Victoria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, the Prince of Wales starts to wonder whether he even wants to take over from her. Meanwhile, the Kaiser gets more influential around Europe and the Boers cause trouble in South Africa.
  • Scandal
    Episode 9
    A gambling scandal leads to more revelations about the the personal life of the Prince of Wales. A death in the family puts everything in perspective.
  • 5/20/75
    When he's not allowed to join the fighting in Egypt, the Prince of Wales turns his attention to the problems of the working classes in Britain. At the German court his sister notices the influence Bismark has on her son Wilhelm.
  • Dearest Prince
    Episode 7
    The success of a trip to India is threatened by another scandal. If the Prince of Wales doesn't use his influence to stop the divorce of Lord and Lady Aylesford, some embarrassing letters will be published.
  • 5/6/75
    The British Prime Minister tries to get the mourning Queen involved again with public affairs. If she won't come out in public, the Prince of Wales should take on more tasks, but his personal life has caused some problems. He even had to testify in a divorce case. Within the Royal Family, there is a growing tension between Alix and the Germans.moreless
  • 4/29/75
    After the death of his father and his marriage to Alix, Bertie expects to be given more official duties. Queen Victoria, who blames her son for the Prince Consort's fatal illness, won't hear of it.
  • Alix
    Episode 4
    Finding a bride for Bertie proves to be more difficult than expected, but a Danish princess seems quite suitable. When Bertie's indiscretions become known at the palace, his father goes to see him at Cambridge. The visit has some unforeseen, dramatic results.
  • The New World
    Episode 3
    Bertie's growing independence starts to worry Prince Albert. It is decided that a suitable marriage and a short stint in the army might keep the heir to the throne in line.
  • Experiment in Education
    Prince Albert is truly the power behind the throne. Queen Victoria relies on him for advice and various other things. He even is in charge of the education of their nine children, especially the Prince of Wales ("Bertie"). The teenage Bertie is as stubborn and obstinate in his studies as his mother is when others try to control her. To make the young Prince who he should become, the Prince Consort relies on the tutelage of tough-nosed Colonel Bruce.moreless
  • The Boy
    Episode 1
    The young Queen Victoria has just discovered she is pregnant with her second child. She resents this child because it is too soon after her first. She quarrels on several issues with her husband, Prince Albert. She soon begins to trust his judgement and allows him more of a status in matters of state. When the young Prince of Wales is born, there is already so much expected of him. Will he live up to it?moreless