Eek! the Cat

FOX (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Oh... The Humanity
      Oh... The Humanity
      Episode 18
      The Thunderlizards have to guard a valuable discovery.
    • Night of the Living Duds
      The Thunderlizards head to the X-Zone to destroy a Thuggasaur cannon.
    • Home O'Sapien Alone
      A demolition mixup means the Thunderlizards had better go hunt Bill and Scooter until General Galapagos calms down.
    • Thunder Valley
      Thunder Valley
      Episode 15
      Bill takes up Scooter's advice and tries to lose some weight. Meanwhile, the Thunderlizards' efforts are complicated by liquid helium.
    • Molten Rock-n-Roll
      Molten Rock-n-Roll
      Episode 14
      A helicopter with heavy metal idol Dee Snidersaur on board crashes in the X-Zone and into the clutches of the Thuggasaurs. The Thunderlizards go to save him.
    • Pre-hysteric Man
      Pre-hysteric Man
      Episode 13
      Bill proclaims dominance over nature, until the wild life decides to strike back. This leads to lava flowing towards Jurassic City and the Thunderlizards must save the day.
    • The Sound of MusEek
      Eek and friends host a benefit concert for Elmo's little brother Timmy.
    • Rock-Eek 6
      Rock-Eek 6
      Episode 11
      Sharky inadvertantly winds up injuring Platinum. He feels so guilty, he takes her place in a battle against Roboticus the Disturbed Android.
    • Eekscalibur
      Episode 10
      After a hit on the head, Sharky finds himself in the time of King Eek and on a quest to find the holy grill.
    • The FugEektive
      The FugEektive
      Episode 9
      Sharky loses his memory and is accused of a bank robbery. With John Walsh's help, Eek tries to clear Sharky's name.
    • Nightmare on Elmo St.
    • Show Squirls
      Show Squirls
      Episode 7
      Eek helps the squirrels put on a show, which turns into a road show and Sharky becomes their manager.
    • The Island of Dr. Meow
      Eek tries to brighten Sharky's day, which again causes the destruction of his dog house. Trying to relax while flying a kite, Sharky winds up on a island where bizzare experiments are being performed.
    • Fists of Furry
      Fists of Furry
      Episode 5
      With the help of Cynthia Raverock, Sharky starts training in martial arts.
    • Snowbored
      Episode 4
      Elmo chickens out of a snowboard race and cons Eek into going in his place.
    • Eek Bin Ein Berliner
      A series of vignettes is created when Eek once again causes the destruction of Sharky's dog house.
    • MystEek Pizza
      MystEek Pizza
      Episode 2
      Eek gets blasted up into space after ruining one of Sharky's favorite shows.
    • DiabolEek
      Episode 1
      Sharky is plagued by nightmares involving Eek and seeks professional help in the form of Dr. Elmo.
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