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  • I LOVE IT!

    This is my favorite cartoon from childhood. I would watch every single episode, and I can't wait until it comes out on DVD! HELLO DVD! MAKE THIS DVD! Anyways, this show was amazing! The characters were awesome! EEK, SHARKY, ELMO! OMG this show made me laugh harder than anything! The concept was great, a lovable purple bloated cat that wouldn't harm a fly helps out anyone no matter what. "It never hurts to help." was he phrase and sharky, his girlfriends dog that hated his guts was out to kill him every episode. Great humor, made fun of things from its time, the early 90's and was the best show of my childhood. Please some DVD making company make the DVD's for this show, NOW! I can't wait any longer, it's a classic and I know tons of people that loved it.
  • eek the cat and The Thunderlizards would always be trying to destroy these two cavemen Bill and Scooter, scooter always invented things which he'd have bill try out but something would be missing or wrong with it,or just didn't know what you'd use it for

    one of shows i used to watch it always gave me a laugh watching the thunderlizards try and fail to destroy the two cavemen ,scooter would always invent some new thing bill would always end up being blown up or it would unintentional save them some how ,my favorite one is where scooter invents a car but forgets the wheels and right above them is a tree growing wheel like fruit is ironically funny and stupid .i wish i could see above one more time just for old time sake,kids today have to deal with barney or some other educational programming.
  • Cute kitty blinded by the love of his life.

    Wow, this show i haven't noticed is the predecessor to many of what we see today in Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. THe strange humor is there, the crazy animations. how about some crazy stories? You got them. All this and more in this show which cautivated me for its unique feeling to it. Eek, feels like a show from the future in the early 90's. It was something very fresh for and original, unpaired by anything on around that time, well, maybe, Rocko's modern life comes close. The stories are also very unique and odd, so you never know what is going to happen next.
  • Delightfully offbeat and humourous!

    In my opinion, Eek the Cat is one of the most side-splittingly hilarious and twisted cartoons ever made. It consisted of three segments: the cartoons featuring the title character Eek, another devoted to the Terrible Thunderlizards, and one centering on an animated pile of junk called Klutter. All three had a funny cast of unique characters (some of my own personal favorites being Elmo the Stunt-Elk, Sharky the sharkdog, and the Thunderlizards), and joked about pop culture. Unlike a lot of other kid's shows, Eek didn't have to resort to bathroom humor to get a laugh from the audience, something that makes me cherish this show even more. Eek was something adults and children could enjoy, since kids would be entertained and parents could get the jokes that would go over the kids' head. I wish this show was released on DVD.
  • Instant Classic!!!

    A show that was way ahead of its time I wish it would come back just like Invader Zim I dont need any new episodes just give it to me just like it is. Its easy to to say that this is one of my top 15 shows of all time period.
  • An Eek!cellent show!

    This show was about a fat purple cat that lived by the motto: "It doesn't hurt to help", but of course that is not always true. Actually, it's never true, on this show.
    His major love interest, Annabelle, is a big fat pink cat that has as a pet a little shark dog named Sharky who just hates Eek.
    The show featured parodies and/or alusions to other shows, including: Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, The X-Files and many more.
    Other recurring characters are: the Squishy Bears, Elmo the Elk(who appears just about in every episode trying to get money for his younger brother's opperation), the Thunderlizards, Bill and Scooter, and later Klutter.
  • I love Eek the Cat.

    I would record it every day after school. And then, in my stupidity, I recorded over most of them and lost the rest. Now, I have nothing left of Eek. I have already petitioned disney. I get sad every time I think I might never see Eek again. Man it sucks.
  • I don't think anyone remembers this show, including me. But now that I think about it, it's all comin' back... and it's freakin' weird.

    The main character was a purple cat with a lisp named Eek!, and he was in love with an insanely obese female cat who had a "shark dog" (a shark/dog) named appropriatly enough, Sharky... Eek would try to put the moves on the fat cat, and sharky would always be there to rip him apart. It was a really weird show, but I remember it being really funny. There were also alot of mooses.. or something. I believe it was a saturday morning cartoon or possibly early weekdays, but I would call it a mix of classic Looney Toons, and Rocko's Modern Life. I think it's obscure enough that it will never be available on dvd other than bootleg, and I'll probably never see it again. But I remember alot of screaming (hence the name Eek!), and just crazy adventures with cats and moose and sharkdogs. If you're thinking, "what the hell?" then I'll join you. But this is one of those obscure 90's cartoons that i'm happy to have brought back to my attention. (My Bad! It was elks... not moose)
  • This was the reason I looked forward to Saturdays, A Purple Cat In Love w/a Fat Pink Cat who has a Sharkdog as a pet? Really? Throw in Elmo the Elk, Mittens, Jib and Hank.Great movie spoofs,Petition for Disney to release it on dvd,they bought it and cance

    Eek The Cat, to sum it up was a bridge for adults to get back in touch with the "inner child".Basic premise,Eek falls for neighbor cat (Annabell),neighborcat's Sharkdog(Sharky) want's to eat him,Eek always manages to wreck Sharky's Dog House somehow! Adventure ensues through Great Movie spoofs like "Eekpocalypse Now" and "Sharkwork Orange",(two of my personnal favorites!)Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp(Producers) take these characters through T.v. show spoofs,"The EEKs Files" and "Star TrEEK"(two more faves!)as well as working with the writers to come up with ingeniously funny ideas for original dog chases cat scenarios.This is not TOM and JERRY!!!
    Three things to look foward to;

    1.Mom(Eeks Owner)is always learning some new language while she does her chores,it's always Spangalese or some such thing and she always has a phrase to repeat such as "The monkeys swing south for the passover..." or "excuse me sir, is your hair on fire?..."(Bad Examples...)

    2.Elmo the elk and Mittens(Supporting Characters),Elmo is always trying to get funds together for "his little brother Timmy's operation", it's a differant gag everytime,nosejob,antler transplant,liposuction to buttocks(butt stuck in a lamn chair!)or the best...thinks he's Madonna!!!Mittens(the one stuck wearing mittens all the time!),is just depressed.Probably because he has to wear mittens all the time!And is prone to many fits and rantings...well,if "Skylab" landed on you?...
    Always on the verge of snapping, his support to the cast o'misfits is relish.

    3.Sharky will chase Eek!!!ALWAYS!!!Sharky wants to bite him and maim him and chew on his spleen!!!Eek always blows up,burns down or just demolishes Sharky's doghouse!!!This is the best running gag on the show!It always seems to lead to strange places too, like a "Broken Glass Refinery", "Mail-man Shoe Warehouse" or "Cactus Joes Pokey Plants Arboretum".(More bad examples.)

    Begining in the second season the show was split to two cartoons,Eek and Terrible Thunder Lizards with weekly Guest Voice "Dee Snyder" of "Twisted Sister",whom also sang the TTL intro.,very cool but took some Eek -time away!!!Again this is an Eek reveiw only!

    Eeks' catch phrase,"It never hurts to help." proved to be quite the opposite for the Purple Fuzzy Pusscat,with each new episode scene after scene of Eek getting deeper and deeper into trouble and destruction,the cartoon world proves to be a painfull realm with the best reaccuring creepy crawly site gags ever,"Get Em' Off,Get Em' Off",cries Eek, frequently covered in bugs,spiders, snakes and the like...

    The Squishy Bears deserve a mention...pyschoctic Barney/CareBear/TellyTubbies that are Wendy Elizabeth and Billy's favorite show.(Moms Kids)The Bears go on crazy trips with Eek and get into all sorts of trouble with him.Their sickly sweet characters and too vague for me to remember but I know Pierre is the grumpy complainer of the group of 4.This show goes to extremes taking the audience to places like "Happy Smiley Land", "Giggleyville" and "Squishy Bear Mountain"(1st two examples lame...sorry)

    For fans of Tex Avery Style Humor,excessive site gags and Tales where the good guy always wins,Eek! The Cat(or Eekstravaganza later in the series...)is a must see for all fans of the old Warner Cartoons!Chock full o' Elvis Sightings,UFO's, complete with world conquering aliens and neverending pokes and jabs at Society,Government and The Unknown.Guest voices include;William Shattner,Fabio,Mr.T and more...

    Late in the series it split to 3 cartoons including "Klutter" which was when Eek officialy "jumped the shark".

    It's a shame that Disney bought the rights to this series and then canned it,never to officially release a VHS or DVD to the public,yet.Fans can sign a Petition to Disney,it's on the net,find it like I did!Those of us LUCKY enough to have episodes Cherish them and save them for "Rainy Days".