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Eerie, Indiana

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"To whom it may concern. If you're reading this document, it means I'm either dead - or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. My name is Marshall Teller. Not long ago I was living in New Jersey just across the river from New York City. It was crowded, polluted, and full of crime. I loved it. But my parents wanted a better life for my sister and me - so we moved to a place so wholesome, so squeaky clean, you could only find it on TV. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, my new home town *looks* normal enough, but look again. What's wrong with this picture? The American dream come true, right? Wrong. Nobody believes me, but this is the center of weirdness for the entire planet. Eerie, Indiana. My home sweet home. Still don't believe me? You will." Created by José Rivera, Eerie, Indiana is about thirteen-year-old Marshall Teller (Omri Katz), who has been uprooted from his beloved home town in New Jersey to Eerie, Indiana, which seems at first to be the most normal place in the world. But Marshall soon discovers that there's more to Eerie than meets the eye. Underneath the illusion of normality, Eerie is swarming with weird stuff. Women who seal themselves in giant kitchenware, werewolves, even Elvis, who lives on Marshall's paper route. The only person that believes him is his new friend, ten-year-old Simon Holmes (Justin Shenkarow). Together they decide to investigate Eerie's weirdness and keep record of it, in hopes to one day show the world. Spin-off: Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension.moreless

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    • If only I had live in Eerie, IN when I was growing up

      I watched this show, even though I was 40 at the time (but still a kid at heart), and it was simply great. This is the kind of place you wish you lived in and the kind of adventures you wish you had when you were growing up. The cast was about perfect and the various episodes were good to great. I remember growing up and reading the Mad Scientist Club book and loving it and this was like an extension of it. I loved the classic Universal monster movies when I was growing up (still do in fact) and this was like an extension of that but with both seriousness and humor thrown in. I have the DVD set and myself and my wife watched the entire season after we got it and she enjoyed it greatly as well. I was sad when they decided it would only run one season. This is the kind of show, scary but good hearted and funny, that kids should grow up with these days. Not the cynical and often very naughty shows so many watch.moreless
    • I love this show!

      I love this show! I caught it long after it was off the air - the casting is perfect - I love the ideas for each show - what it suggests - it really sparks the imagination. Omri Katz is great, as well as the rest of the cast - it appears the guest stars had a blast doing their roles - Ray Walston, John Astin, etc -
    • they should bring it back

      I used to watch this on channel 4 at 6.30pm most week nights. it was X-files meets the brady bunch. Marshal Teller and his family move to Indiana where things are a little "strange" he encounters mummies, u.f.o's and lots, lots more. Episodes comprise of comedy, horror (for kids) and for me 2 episodes pull on your heart strings (ATM with the heart of gold, & heart on a chain. each for the supporting characters involved. one a robot the other a girl in need of a heart transplant. if you haven't already then watch thi show- it comes highly recommended. i have no idea why it ever finished so early in its prime and later on it even got a spin off series!moreless
    • Eerie, Indiana was a very cool show that found its audience too late.

      The main character, Marshall Teller (Omri Katz) moved with his family from New Jersey to Eerie, Indiana to live a “normal” life. Marshall soon finds out that Eerie, far from being normal, is the center of weirdness of the entire universe. The stories were told with an X-Files type of seriousness, but were filled with humor and pop culture references. In one of my favorite episodes, The Lost Hour, Marshall sets his watch back an hour in the fall even though the state of Indiana didn’t change their clocks. He wakes up the next morning in an alternate universe where only a few people are in Eerie including a girl who had gone missing exactly one year before. Hmmmm. The show became more popular in reruns than it had been when it first aired. There is a DVD set of the complete series, but it doesn’t have any extras.moreless
    • They turn the most normal things into something creepy...

      I love this show. I use to watch it when I was a younger until they cancelled it. Actually, when I watched it, the show was already cancelled... It was on re-runs.

      Anyways, this was one of my most favorite shows while growing up.

      They take normal things like tubberware (Forever Ware), retainers, ATM machines and somehow make them eerie... (No pun intended.)

      This was a show before it's time. If this show had come out a few years later, it probably would have lastest a couple of seasons more.

      Omri Katz was sort of cute when he was younger. Man, I miss this show... I forgot how awesome it was.moreless

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