Eerie, Indiana

Season 1 Episode 1

Forever Ware

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 15, 1991 on NBC

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  • Tupperware parties are so sinister nowadays

    Marshall and his family are new to Eerie Indiana, one of their neighbours comes around to say hello and to introduce them to the Foreverware Tupperware. It turns out it can keep more than just food fresh forever.

    As an Introduction it's nice to have something that just jumps right in there with a surreal version of The Burbs almost. Where as keeping young by coffin or hyperbolic chambers isn't new, the idea and imagery of a giant Tupperware container is just bizarre. That is what is great about this show, it isn't afraid to be surreal, in fact it relishes in it. The Tupperware party is also very freaky as all of them seem to be from the 60s or 70s. Marshall's Mum is obviously signing up for more than Tupperware.

    So not the strongest episode but introduces many elements that run through the series and the twins are just great. I need to watch the boxset in full again though cos I'm sure they pop up now and again.
  • the family movies in to eerie, indiana and are greeted by a nice freshly preserved family!

    I loved this show as a kid, and am enjoying now that I am older and have it on tv. What a funny idea preserving people in tupperware. I wonder if someone actually tried this.

    On a serious note, there is a great blending of comedy and horror in this series, and this is definately an example of such, altho I can\'t be sure if it was meant to be. The premise is laid out well, and we can expect the unexpected in future episodes. I really wish this series had been given more of a chance, but there were a bunch of similar shows out at the time.