Eerie, Indiana

Season 1 Episode 7

Heart on a Chain

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 1991 on NBC

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  • The episode "Heart on a Chain" is an example of childhood love. Two young kids who can't be together because of the inability to affect change due to their age but with a sort of Romeo and Juliet meets Frankenstein supernatural twist.

    I was in a very bad bike accident about a year after this episode and because of the beautiful Danielle Harris, I remembered this tv show and a large portion of my middle school years. I had crushed on Danielle since Halloween 4 and 5, but this show, particularly this one episode was very important to me in my childhood. It still makes me feel warm to see her with that heart locket. This is one of those wonderful "young love" stories that will carry with you throughout your life. I sure I will one day recall this story to my grandchildren.
  • One of my most vivid childhood memory...

    I must have been about 10 years old when the aired here in Brazil, every Sunday afternoon, just after my family's lunch hour. Watching Eerie, Indiana was one of the two things I did with my dad while growing up. X files on saturday nights and Eerie, Indiana on sundays afternoons.

    When I came across the show here on I could not even believe there were so many others to whom it meant so much! Over ten years later and here we are, discussing it. Until a couple weeks ago I barelly even remembered the show!

    But there was this one episode that stayed in the back of my head all these years. The girl riding the skateboard in the end of the episode. Don't ask me why, but it is one of my most vivid memories from my childhood: Watching this single episode with my father on a tipycal Sunday afternoon.
  • Considering this is supposed to be a kid's show...

    Considering this is supposed to be a kid's show, this episode certainly has some mature elements. Or are they? I suppose it's just that this is yet another example of an Eerie episode that wouldn't be made today. Although, again, I'm glad Eerie went there because they handled it well and the end result is a lovely, bittersweet little story about young love and loss.
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