Eerie, Indiana

NBC (ended 1992)


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  • Eerie, Indiana was a very cool show that found its audience too late.

    The main character, Marshall Teller (Omri Katz) moved with his family from New Jersey to Eerie, Indiana to live a “normal” life. Marshall soon finds out that Eerie, far from being normal, is the center of weirdness of the entire universe. The stories were told with an X-Files type of seriousness, but were filled with humor and pop culture references. In one of my favorite episodes, The Lost Hour, Marshall sets his watch back an hour in the fall even though the state of Indiana didn’t change their clocks. He wakes up the next morning in an alternate universe where only a few people are in Eerie including a girl who had gone missing exactly one year before. Hmmmm. The show became more popular in reruns than it had been when it first aired. There is a DVD set of the complete series, but it doesn’t have any extras.