ef - A Tale of Memories

Chiba TV Premiered Oct 06, 2007 In Season


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  • good nice sweet etc

    it was a beautiful story about two twin sisters and their problems it was hard to follow at times because it would switch so fast between the two but it was a nice wrapup in the end of the anime in my opinion it was professional and sweet it was a very original and unique love story i would like this anime to be brought back for another season because there are things that could still continue and i would be wanting more and more at the end of the story in short it was beautiful and i loved it
  • The story evolves around two twin sisters who lives in separate city's, one of the sisters has a 13 hour memory spawn, every thing after her accident is a blure after that.

    This show is Super awesome, to bad that it was only a few episodes, plus side is that none of them were filler material. This show has it all. Violence, jealousy, compassion, hatred.

    If you like jealousy like Rumbling Hearts or hatred Ga Nozomu Eien as it is called in Japaneses. You will adore this anime. I really hope that they make a sequel to this series or a movie, any way i think that they could have a concept to make a version of this but about 2 to 3 years into the future, it would be great to see if here amnesia got 100 percent cured or not, what happens to the ghost? This Series will leave you craving for more and more. You can't help getting emotional over this series
  • Several love stories... they will make you cry. Definite recommendation.

    Love. Tragedy. Sadness. And a happy ending. This show has all the basic ingredients that's needed to make me cry. . However, not all shows with those basic ingredients have done so. What made this show so special then?

    I guess the characters, and the way they were portrayed. They were all struggling... struggling with their dreams. What to do. Who to be with. That was protrayed in such a way that I completely fell into it, with my entire mind. It was as if I was standing next to them, having to watch them struggle through their dreams and loves... forcing me to cry, both in the good and bad times they were experiencing. Also, the animation and the way the scenes were made was really beatiful and enjoyable. It was something I've never seen before, and normally I'd probably say that it was weird, I guess. But with this show... it just fit in so perfectly. The ending of this show was also something that was enjoyable. When I started watching the show, I'd never think about the ending it had, and I'd definitely not like the idea of such an ending. However, after having watched it, I msut say that it was indeed the perfect way to sum it all up. It couldn't have been done more beautifully, not the slightest inch better. Not at all.

    This show is truly one of the best shows I've watched, and I think that anyone who enjoys a tear-jerking show will love this show. Fully and completely.
  • Romance between 3 girls and 3 boys plus other interesting characters that are connected with one another is what ef: a tale of memories all about. Following one's dreams and treasuring one's precious memories are also an important subplot of this anime.

    This new anime of this year's fall has a very fresh and unique way of telling its storyline. Though viewers may be confused at first by the constant change of scenes that keeps jumping from one couple to another couple, eventually viewers will come to appreciate the uniqueness of this anime because of the way how this anime's plotline goes. The way each couple's story is interspersed and encompassed together is done very coherently and the end result is a beautiful anime romance drama about not just 1 but 3 beautiful couples. This is also one of the romance anime that has a better ending than other anime of the same genre. Which gives it another plus point. I also particularly like the subplot about following your dreams and treasuring your memories.