ef - A Tale of Memories

Chiba TV Premiered Oct 06, 2007 In Season


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  • Romance between 3 girls and 3 boys plus other interesting characters that are connected with one another is what ef: a tale of memories all about. Following one's dreams and treasuring one's precious memories are also an important subplot of this anime.

    This new anime of this year's fall has a very fresh and unique way of telling its storyline. Though viewers may be confused at first by the constant change of scenes that keeps jumping from one couple to another couple, eventually viewers will come to appreciate the uniqueness of this anime because of the way how this anime's plotline goes. The way each couple's story is interspersed and encompassed together is done very coherently and the end result is a beautiful anime romance drama about not just 1 but 3 beautiful couples. This is also one of the romance anime that has a better ending than other anime of the same genre. Which gives it another plus point. I also particularly like the subplot about following your dreams and treasuring your memories.