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  • quizmaster

    I wish they would bring back dermot murnahan as quizmaster on eggheads as jeremy vine is dreadful.

    He is not a not a good quizmaster.
  • Eggheads not at all fair,

    Give both sides the same questions, then we should get a fairer result, eggheads always seem to get easy ones ,at times it's so obvious it's a fiddle. . Questions like what did Torvill and Dean dance to in the Olympics, even I got that one.
  • Whenever Eggheads is on TV, Bang your Heads: Not impressed at all!

    I have watched around 10 episodes of Eggheads and to be honest, find it extremely irritating. Whenever you're watching Eggheads, no need to guess who wins!

    And it seems the Eggheads were born to do nothing but keep answering questions about random meaningless facts and winning and winning and winning, and in the end, keep smirking about it!! Thank Goodness there are no such pedantic shows where I come from!!

  • daphne

    why is she so much harder to understand? Her speech impediment seems to be getting worse - she seems like a nice lady but it's hard to watch
  • rudeheads !

    just watching eggheads which i try and watch every day. i think christopher is so rude. he's a bad loser and hates being wrong. I cant believe the way he just replied.. he should be asked to leave if he cant be polite. rude rude rude !!!!.
  • Eggheads

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Eggheads for years but find now that Daphne has become increasingly irritating. She is so full of herself and wants everyone to know when it is not her question but she knows the answer. Find it quite sickening which is disappointing as the rest of the show is so enjoyable.
  • I love to watch Eggheads and to see how many questions I can answer - amazingly I do quite well!

    I love to watch Eggheads and to see how many questions I can answer - amazingly enough I do quite well. CJ is my favourite by far he willingly admits when he's chosen for a subject where he's weaker, my least favourite is Judith she frequently answers before her brain gets into gear! I'm not very keen on the new guy either - hopefully he won't replace one of the others permanently. Chris and Daphne are highly intelligent and extremely knowledgable but I think that Kevin is by far the biggest Egghead on the programme it's very rare to see him ineligible to answer questions in the final round
  • This not so much a review, but rather a comment on the "Eggheads" show that recently screened in New Zealand.

    The episode to which I refer was one in which the Eggheads were pitted against a team called "Brighton & Hove Actually"
    I wish to voice my disappointment at the appallingly bad behaviour of one of the Eggheads specifically; C J De Mooi.
    Kevin Ashman, who is without doubt the most knowledgeable of all the Eggheads, had just missed a question and C J De Mooi could be clearly heard (and seen by his lip movements) to be mouthing the words "Oh! You stupid man!"
    Not only is this a flagrant example of poor sportsmanship, but ironically this dunderhead (C J De Mooi) is without doubt the worst of the bunch.
    As I frequently watch this show I can attest to the fact that no one misses more questions that this somewhat colourful individual.
    While Kevin is the very essence of a mild mannered gentleman who would never dream of voicing any annoyance at C J De Mooi's frequent incorrect and poorly thought out responses.
    I feel that someone on the editorial staff should encourage CJ to "tone it down a bit"
    His outburst lowers the whole tone and tenor of your usually excellent production.
  • Eggheads is quite good but a bit unfair.

    I put therating ahead of its time because it gets quite boaring. It was good when someone did manage to beat the eggheads but it is a bit unfair because they give the eggheads easy questions and the challengers hard ones. Ever I can answer the questions the eggheads get. Keep watching that gets quite annoying and I think it shound be the challengers would get a better chance if they got easyer questions. I may have been intersting when it first began though. Also I think that it may be alright to keep it on even though it id ahead of its time. So I rated this a 4 out of 10.
  • Another show I play the "quiz game" on how long til America comes up with their vesion? well that would be kinda cool, an "English Egghead's versus the American Egghead's" special program, maybe for charity?

    Another show I play the "quiz game" on how long til America comes up with their vesion? well that would be kinda cool, an "English Egghead's versus the American Egghead's" special program, maybe for charity? It's not as repetitive as The Weakest Link so you don't got bored. The Eggheads all have personality. My favorite one is Jdith, but CJ's cute. Some of his top's are a little wild which are cool.

    Favorite question "the TV series CSI:Crime Scene Investigation is set in which American city: Boston, Las Vegas, or Dallas? and the contestant got it wrong and went for Boston. I went crazy over this question.
  • Classic. This show will be repeated worldwide, possibly with its own channel, maybe called "You can't make an omelette without breaking eggheads".

    Dermot Murnaghan steals the limelight too much, but his performance as question master is adequate. The challengers often take themselves too seriously, when they are normally idiots. CJ is the weak link, along with Judith, Chris and Daphne. Now we get to the man who holds the show together and makes it the most-watched thing since the coronation of Pope Chardonnay II. Some say he walks on water, some say he walks on air, I say he walks wherever he wants to. Kevin Ashman. His name rings through the air like a church bell on a crisp November morning in the small mid-west town of Bosnia-Herzgovinia. When he removes his slightly over-sized glasses, fire and lasers rain down from his eyes. His skeleton is made of pure Diamondium, the hardest substance known to man. His brain consists of 2 kajillion circuit boards fashioned by the hands of Buddha herself. Overall, the concept of this quiz show is simple and weak, but in Kevin Ashman they have found the next American Emperor.
  • Biased..

    If you watch this programme, you should look out of the mediocre questions that are asked.

    In the final stage, the challengers get some kind of super tough question whereas the Eggheads get an amazingly easy one, thus retaining the title. It\\\\\\\'s all a fix so ITV don\\\\\\\'t have to give several thousand pounds away.
  • this show is cool.

    i like this show. its cool you have people who have to anwser questions and have to beat the geniuses. if they fail to beat them they dont get to win £1000. then the next day it goes up by £1000 so its quite cool. i like this show even tho it reminds me of the weakest link.