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  • This not so much a review, but rather a comment on the "Eggheads" show that recently screened in New Zealand.

    The episode to which I refer was one in which the Eggheads were pitted against a team called "Brighton & Hove Actually"
    I wish to voice my disappointment at the appallingly bad behaviour of one of the Eggheads specifically; C J De Mooi.
    Kevin Ashman, who is without doubt the most knowledgeable of all the Eggheads, had just missed a question and C J De Mooi could be clearly heard (and seen by his lip movements) to be mouthing the words "Oh! You stupid man!"
    Not only is this a flagrant example of poor sportsmanship, but ironically this dunderhead (C J De Mooi) is without doubt the worst of the bunch.
    As I frequently watch this show I can attest to the fact that no one misses more questions that this somewhat colourful individual.
    While Kevin is the very essence of a mild mannered gentleman who would never dream of voicing any annoyance at C J De Mooi's frequent incorrect and poorly thought out responses.
    I feel that someone on the editorial staff should encourage CJ to "tone it down a bit"
    His outburst lowers the whole tone and tenor of your usually excellent production.