Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show

VH1 (ended 2007)


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  • Whats next Eggo Waffles Black Country Singer Show?

    I recall this show airing during the winter and watched it for 15 minutes once and that was enough. I had forgotten completely about it then saw it on "The Soup Presents". Thanks Joel!!

    For starters I pretty much hate rap music - Weird Al Yankovich doing it is funny, i.e. "Amish Paradise", but this show? Its uncomfortably weird watching suburban rap star wannabes. About the only real white rapper I know of is Eminem. The only black country singer I know of is Cowboy Troy and thats only because I saw him on one of those morning talk shows. I guess its true what they say, both Country Music and Rap are cultural - attempts by those outside the culture that try it usually are odd balls and look silly doing it; except for a few here and there that pull it off somewhat successfully.
  • The title says it about 90% of it, the other 10% is that the winner gets 100,000.

    Now for this show, I couldn't come to a snap decision, because I wanted to know the contestants first, because Hip-Hop is not a tv show. We all know that from the minute they open their mouths, who might be front runners. But here's the thing. My picks from the start have been Persia, Shamrock, Jus Rhyme, and Sullee, and sullee was a choice that was hesitant, but he has good lyrics. Jus Rhyme rhymes in a way that's all about the positive and oriented, Persia and shamrock seem to resonate hip hop in their demeanor and in their lyrics. Now when it comes down to winning, factoring in the way the game is today, the final two will be Shamrock and Persia, unless something happens like they cuss out the host or someone of high standing. JusRhyme will be better off trying to get a deal his own way, since his style is good but different, don't get me wrong, I would definitely listen to his music like the others to see if it is good on scratch. Now Persia and Shamrock are tied for me, When the final round comes around and they go head to head, that will decide it for me, and as for sulle, he is a good lyricist but his mind is somewhere else, and there's too much of a preconceived notion on his part, it will end up doing him in. Check their myspaces, I'm sure they all have one, and see for yourself.
  • This show ia about a group of white rappers who are fighting a 100 grand and some publicty .Each week the rappers have a compition in groups .The group that loses must go to elimenation, where one person is then voted off.

    I love this show because i am white and i know i can't rap. So its nice to see SOME white people can rap. But yeah great show i love it. I think some of them are ok. i love the way cilly raps hes kool. he alittle arrogant though..john brown is also good but again alittle arrogant. and persia damnn shes a good rapper ..u can tell she knows what she is doing..i think she is gonna win her or the guy from atlanta. hes good too..his southern accent is awesome but it reminds me of this other rapper from houston ..he goes by the name of paul wall :P!!
  • this is the funniest show I have ever seen

    I started watching and I have never laughed so hard, it was great, the game show was also pretty funny. This has to be worst idea for a show ever, but with the intentional, and unintential humor, it is worth watching. When they had them rapping I was laughing so hard, it really made a crappy day much better, by the comedy of this show. I used to work with a guy who would probably audition for this show if he hasn't already. I reccomend watching it, even if you think it's rediculous, because these people are really funny, and some of it is intentional humor which is cool. They make fun of all people so I think it's a show most people could watch and maybe even get into it.
  • Not impressive!

    I must say...who thought of this show. These are a bunch of white kids and most of them have absolutely NO talent. The few that do, i.e. Persia, are rude and out of control. We have white folks acting like blacks and not like rappers and it looks really bad. Hip Hop and Rap is a culture not something you can copy coming from the Burbs. I am disappointed that something like this would actually be aired. I watched the first show and saw these wanna be rappers go with goodie bags into the neighbor hood???!!! What in the world was that for, do real rappers walk around with party bags and pass them out? I don't think so. I am not saying that there cannot be a caucasian who raps, but it is a life style that has to be lived, rapping is something you do when you tell a story about your hard life and put it into lyrics and emotions shine through, at least for those rappers that have style, coming from a good life with excellent schools and basically wanting for nothing, I just cannot agree that the impact is the same. Sorry to say, but this production is a sad choice!!!!
  • It's a pretty good show, with some unnecessary words.

    I really appreciate the basis of this show but it just seems like I can't enjoy it as much with a certain person on it. That person happens to be John Brown a.k.a. "King of the Burbs" a.k.a. "The Retard of Rap" a.k.a. "Confused and Delirious". This guy and his stupid "Ghetto Revival", which no one knows about, and "hallelujah holla back", at the end of his freestyles, is on my last nerve. As someone who listens to rap constantly and grew up close enough to the ghetto, just on the borderline, I have no clue what this "revival" could possibly be. That has to be the dumbest, most contradictory term for someone who calls himself "King of the Burbs". But on the other hand there is nothing else wrong with the program that I can see. I look forward to seeing how far the others will progress, except for the idiot I spoke of above.
  • Finally a good show about music on a music channel.

    'Bout damn time. Long live white rap. I respect Ego Trip for getting the word out that theres more than just fake ass white MC's trying to make it in the business. Look at Eminem's struggle, check out Sage Francis's intelligence and the respect Paul Wall gets. These kids are being taught a lesson and we all get to laugh with (and at) them in the proccess. I for one can't wait till next weeks episode. I can only see it getting better as they lose some of the dead weight and we get down to the nitty gritty white rap! Cheers
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