Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show

VH1 (ended 2007)


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  • Not impressive!

    I must say...who thought of this show. These are a bunch of white kids and most of them have absolutely NO talent. The few that do, i.e. Persia, are rude and out of control. We have white folks acting like blacks and not like rappers and it looks really bad. Hip Hop and Rap is a culture not something you can copy coming from the Burbs. I am disappointed that something like this would actually be aired. I watched the first show and saw these wanna be rappers go with goodie bags into the neighbor hood???!!! What in the world was that for, do real rappers walk around with party bags and pass them out? I don't think so. I am not saying that there cannot be a caucasian who raps, but it is a life style that has to be lived, rapping is something you do when you tell a story about your hard life and put it into lyrics and emotions shine through, at least for those rappers that have style, coming from a good life with excellent schools and basically wanting for nothing, I just cannot agree that the impact is the same. Sorry to say, but this production is a sad choice!!!!