Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show

VH1 (ended 2007)


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  • The title says it about 90% of it, the other 10% is that the winner gets 100,000.

    Now for this show, I couldn't come to a snap decision, because I wanted to know the contestants first, because Hip-Hop is not a tv show. We all know that from the minute they open their mouths, who might be front runners. But here's the thing. My picks from the start have been Persia, Shamrock, Jus Rhyme, and Sullee, and sullee was a choice that was hesitant, but he has good lyrics. Jus Rhyme rhymes in a way that's all about the positive and oriented, Persia and shamrock seem to resonate hip hop in their demeanor and in their lyrics. Now when it comes down to winning, factoring in the way the game is today, the final two will be Shamrock and Persia, unless something happens like they cuss out the host or someone of high standing. JusRhyme will be better off trying to get a deal his own way, since his style is good but different, don't get me wrong, I would definitely listen to his music like the others to see if it is good on scratch. Now Persia and Shamrock are tied for me, When the final round comes around and they go head to head, that will decide it for me, and as for sulle, he is a good lyricist but his mind is somewhere else, and there's too much of a preconceived notion on his part, it will end up doing him in. Check their myspaces, I'm sure they all have one, and see for yourself.