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Egoli: Place Of Gold

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Egoli - Place of Gold (which is the city of Johannesburg) is South Africa's longest running daily tele-serial from the pen of acclaimed SA writer/director/producer Franz Marx. Following the daily lives of a superb ensemble cast, it takes a look into the lives of the Edwards family, who owns Walco an International automobile manufacturer. Other families are people whose lives are intertwined with the Edwards family either as friends or foes. All of which takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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AIRED ON 7/15/2009

Season 1 : Episode 401

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  • Scab? what kind of a name is that? I realise that it sits well with some goth groups but let's not completely drop the ball.

    I cannot speak for anyone else apart from our women group members here in the eastern cape, we are feeling very under represented in your show...there was some excitement a few years back when you cast a girl from PE but that seems to have stopped right there..Why do you go on and on about this Scab character when the eastern Cape's Cobus Gomes is so much better looking and ten times the dancer and singer than any of the jhb boys? Why have you guys not scooped him up yet? Or is this a case of Garif Cliff saying the Eastern Cape is the arm pit of South Africa and you guys are going along with it? It is a sad day when our local talent gets ignored to the point where they leave the country..Take Mr Cobus Gomes for example! He was scouted by RTL and Germany and did a soapy there,yet on our local TV I have not seen him or any eastern Cape actor for years..Yet they dominate the theatre world...over the last 7 years 5 eastern cape boys did the lead roles of all the major musicals in South Africa, they had leads in phantom of the opera,Cats,Jesus Christ Super Star, Cobus Gomes for instance have done Lead roles in Both FAME (which was choreographed by Kelly Abby who also Choreographed Happy Feet.Fame was produced by top producer Hazel Feltman and Directed by David Atkins who was in charge of the Sydney Olympics...He also did the a Dance and singing lead in African Footprints international touring company and ended up performing in St James palace for the royal Family...What is my point? Clearly international big directors see something in our Eastern Cape talent that our South African television industry does not see! No wonder our local TV programing is in such a bad state, it starts with the casting directors obviously sticking to there little click and narrow mindedly lower the standard to the point where all the international productions(who have realised that this is a business and not a hobby)snap up our local talent and US the viewers are left with 2nd best. I realise I am harping on about Cobus Gomes but he is the best example I can think of...we invited him to appear as our guest speaker for our women's association you know how many tickets we sold for that function compared to the previous years 1097tickets? 9517 tickets. It was such a surprise we had to move the function to a bigger venue...Clearly if someone like him has such a big local eastern cape support base why has no one in SA snapped him up yet? Is it a simple case of You do not need the Eastern Cape's support and viewership? It certainly seems that way and it's not a case of them not trying. Mr Gomes recently returned from jhb where he went to see the Egoli casting director. I know this because I did an interview with him for a local paper about a week ago.. I asked him if he has interested in doing local SA television after his return from Europe and he told he had recently returned from jhb where he tried to get onto Egoli, a program which I have supported religiously along with my fellow members but after giving him a call earlier this afternoon to find out if he will appear on the show he informed me that he was not contacted and that leaves a bad taste not only in my mouth but the mouths of I'm sure all eastern cape viewers..I plan to write a long article about this in our local paper and I refuse to watch one more episode of Egoli and I will urge others to do the same because clearly our eastern cape talent and viewership needs are not taken care off or good enough for your programing anymore...Yet international directors think he's great..Yes I am sure you are thinking well why does he not just go back overseas and work there again, I guess it's sort of like old Jake White who got the boot for being to good...only in our new South Africa.moreless
  • Great South African show!

    Egoli might be in Afrikaans but now it has english subtitles which has lead many new viewers to watch and im sure they have fallen inlove with the show!

    Egoli follows the lives of many, many people living in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some of the characters include:

    Chris Edwards

    Steven Edwards

    Jane edwards



    And personally, i cant remember the rest. Anyhow it is a great show and it has gone past 5000 episodes or something crazy like that so i hope it makes it to 10000 episodes before i die.

    Keep doing what you doing and make it more interesting and more enjoyable to watch.moreless
  • I love the new character, Hendre. He\'s funny and really good looking. i hope he stays for a while.

    That\'s really all i wanted to say... Who agrees? it\'s about time that they bring in someone young and fresh and cute!

    thanks egoli! Please keep Hendre in forever! I would love to see him everyday!


    The rest of the crew is nice too. I love all of them, but i have a special place for Hendre.

    I hope egoli will stay on the air forever.

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