Eight is Enough

Season 5 Episode 113

Eight is Enough: A Family Reunion

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1987 on ABC

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  • Tommy Bradford rocked in a grand slam home run, beating out the World Series!

    The two tv-movies were seen on NBC and both times, it was opposite The World Series on ABC (Minnesota Twins vs St. Louis Cardinals).

    As for the movie, Tom did turn 50 again (just like a previous episode in 1979), but the family gave him a wonderful birthday present, a family owned newspaper (Sacramento Register). It was nice to find out about the children's lives as well as Nicholas being a teenager. Since I play guitar, liked the Tommy storyline where he's a Tahoe lounge performer trying to sing like 8 other guys. It was awesome that Willie Aames got to do a number "You Take Me As I Am", when he played the guitar & sang, that gave him the grand slam home run!