Eight is Enough - Season 2

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Who's on First?
    Who's on First?
    Episode 26
    Joanie directs a talent show to raise money for the orphanage she volunteers, and tries to get the whole family to entertain.
  • Poor Little Rich Girl
    David meets a young woman who is the daughter of a wealthy construction worker.
  • The Lost Weekend
    The Lost Weekend
    Episode 24
    Abby and Tom leave the kids alone for the weekend to spend time with Abby's parents in Pasadena. The kids immediately decide to throw a party, which quickly gets overrun with typical Bradford chaos.
  • Long Night's Journey into Day
    Abby falls off a ladder and receives a concussion. The Bradfords gather around her and try to keep her awake by telling stories and memories.
  • Great Expectations
    Great Expectations
    Episode 22
    Tom gets upset when he learns the Tommy is failing English, but all his pressuring does is cause Tommy to buy a term paper from a hustler in order to please his dad.
  • The Boyfriend
    The Boyfriend
    Episode 21
    When Susan brings her new boyfriend home for dinner, Abby winds up spending a lot of time with him!
  • Seven Days in February
    When Joannie, Nancy, and Susan meet new guys over winter break at a disco, their love-sick antics drive the rest of the Bradfords crazy.
  • Hard Hats and Hard Heads
    Tom and Abby get David to build them a new dresser so they can quit storing their clothes in the hall closet. Meanwhile, David catches up with some old friends, and winds up feeling unsuccessful.
  • Much Ado About Garbage
    Tom has garbage trouble and writes a tongue-in-cheek column. That's when his troubles start to pile up... along with his garbage.
  • Dear Ms. Dinah
    Dear Ms. Dinah
    Episode 18
    Tom gets selected to produce a "Dear Abby" column for his paper. Abby realizes that her studies have been keeping her away from the family, so she decides to stay at home a little more, which turns out to have disastrous consequences.
  • Much Ado about Garbage
    Tom writes a column regarding garbage, causing a massive controversy. Trouble quickly follows, and Tom is threatened with jail time if he doesn't reveal his source for the column's information.
  • Author, Author!
    Author, Author!
    Episode 16
    Abby encourages Tom to take a leave of absence and pursue his dream to write a book. David and Nancy go on a double date, and each comes home with a different story regarding the night's event.
  • A Hair of the Dog
    A Hair of the Dog
    Episode 15
    With a family as hectic as the Bradfords, you'd think one of them would appreciate a little peace and quiet. This isn't the case, however, when Tom gets the house to himself for his birthday. Also, Tommy throws a wild party when David lends him the use of his apartment for the weekend.moreless
  • Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus (2)
    The Bradfords celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus (1)
    The Bradfords try to bolster their spirits for the holidays, since it's the first Christmas they'll be celebrating without Joan. To make matters worse, however, Nicholas mistakenly allows a man—who he believes is Santa—to steal the family's Christmas presents.
  • The Return of Auntie V
    Tom's eccentric sister surprises the Bradfords with another visit, and also presents Tom and Abby with a new house as a wedding present. This sounds terrific, but getting the house ready for sale stirs up some fond memories.
  • All's Fair in Love and War
    It's spring cleaning at the Bradford house, but even Abby's coordination of the household chores can't keep chaos from breaking out. Between Tommy helping Nicholas dealing with a school bully and devising a new money making scheme, Mary gets entangled in her own disaster when a family friend opens an army recruiting office on campus, which enflames her liberal anti-war feelings.moreless
  • I Quit
    I Quit
    Episode 10
    When Tom discovers he's going to receive an award for his column, he and Abby decide to take the kids to San Francisco, thinking the trip can double as their honeymoon. Chaos quickly reigns supreme.
  • Children of the Groom (2)
    The children continue to get carried away with the wedding plans, which puts the wedding itself in jeopardy. Tommy learns he can't attend his father's bachelor party and Abby decides to patch up her relationship with Elizabeth.
  • Children of the Groom (1)
    When the Bradford children are allowed to plan Tom and Abby's wedding, calamity strikes. To make matters worse, Nicholas and Elizabeth don't seem to be as excited about the coming wedding, as they have too many memories about their mother.
  • The Bard and the Bod
    David tries to help his dad out by setting him up to buy an engagement ring for Abby from a friend at work, with predictable results. Meanwhile, Joanie agrees to do a nude scene during a Shakespeare play and Abby's ex-father-in-law arrives for a visit.
  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse
    Episode 6
    Mary decides to run for a seat on the Board of Education, which causes difficulties with Abby. Meanwhile, Tom plans on finally proposing to Abby.
  • Mortgage Burnin' Blues
    Everything seems to be going well for the Bradfords when Tom pays off the mortgage on the house. He decides to throw a party to celebrate. Naturally, things go haywire almost immediately! David and Tommy make a singing appearance at the nightclub and Susan winds up decking a heckler in the crowd. When a wild fight breaks out, Tom winds up having to remortgage the house to pay for the damages.moreless
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 4
    Tom and Abby break up, so the children set Tom up with another woman. The idea is to make Abby jealous of Tom, but naturally this backfires. Meanwhile, Nancy enters the Miss Sacramento beauty contest.
  • Triangles
    Episode 3
    David's new roommate crosses the line of decency and flirts with both Susan and Joanie. Meanwhile, Tom decides he's been neglecting Nicholas and starts to drive his son crazy by spending way too much time with him. Tommy organizes a family garage sale to help earn money.
  • Trial Marriage
    Trial Marriage
    Episode 2
    When Tommy breaks his ankle during a touch football game, he is sent home from school for five weeks to recover. During his absence, Sandra Sue Abbott arrives to tutor him. Meanwhile, Mary moves in with her boyfriend Doug, who is a young psychiatry student.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?
    Dr. Maxwell has an argument with his wife, and comes to move in with the Bradfords. It's not long before his fussy habits starts driving the family crazy. Meanwhile, David gets in to debt at a poker game and tries to borrow money from his brothers and sisters to cover his bad check.moreless
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