Eight is Enough - Season 3

ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy (2)
    While fleeing from his engagement on a cross-country trip, David gets tangled up in a hang-gliding competition.
  • Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy (1)
    After getting his short story published in a magazine, Tom realizes that he's always wanted to become a published author. Unfortunately for him, the magazine that published his latest work is more well-known for its pictures than its text. David and Janet's engagement hits rocky terrain when David panics and takes off on a cross-country trip.moreless
  • The Graduates
    The Graduates
    Episode 26

    It's an exciting week in the Bradford house as Joanie graduates from college and Elizabeth graduates from high school. Elizabeth and her friends pull a prank by dropping a water balloon down a staircase, but injure a teacher. Tommy's considering a job as a lifeguard at a public pool.

  • The Final Days
    The Final Days
    Episode 25
    Studying for finals is hard enough, but when Tom's youth-oriented article prompts a senior citizen picket line in the Bradford's front yard, a simple task becomes a nightmare! Meanwhile, Tommy tries to put a band together after learning that the prom committee will pay $300 for one.
  • Dads, Daughters, Different Drummers
    When the Bradfords learn that Nicholas is musically talented, Tom gets him started with a drum set. Tom also gets involved with Joanie's love life when she falls for a local drama critic that gives her a good review. Meanwhile, David decides to open his own construction business and the whole family pitches in to help him.moreless
  • The Better Part of Valor
    Abby takes a substitute teaching position at the high school and refuses to pass the star basketball player on his status alone. This puts Tommy in a compromising position when the player comes after him for the answers to a test in Abby's class.
  • The Kid Who Came to Dinner
    Abby decides to use the family as her subjects for a school research project. Bobby, a friend of Nicholas, decides to leave his foster family and become part of the Bradford family.
  • Best of Friends
    Best of Friends
    Episode 21
    When Tommy decides to marry a pregnant friend, even though he's not the father of her baby, the Bradfords rally around him with support. Meanwhile, David and Janet have to spend a night in the Bradford house when their apartment is sprayed for bugs and Nicholas and Irving face competition when they open a lemonade stand.moreless
  • Just The Ten of Us
    Just The Ten of Us
    Episode 20
    David and Janet decide to live together, which may jeopardize Tom's chances of being awarded "Father of the Year." Meanwhile, Nicholas tries to avoid a young lady who has a crush on him.
  • Horror Story
    Horror Story
    Episode 19
    When the power suddenly goes out all over Sacramento, the Bradfords are left in rather sticky predicaments. Tom and Abby get stuck in an elevator while most of the others are stuck at the house with a man who looks creepily like Norman Bates.
  • Inlaws and Outlaws
    Inlaws and Outlaws
    Episode 18
    Abby's mother arrives at the Bradford with some shocking news. It seems that after many years of marriage, Abby's parents are splitting up. When Abby's father arrives for a visit shortly afterward, the family works overtime to keep her parents out of the same room. Meanwhile, the kids have a number of unpaid parking tickets, which results in Tom being picked up by the police.moreless
  • Mother's Rule
    Mother's Rule
    Episode 17
    With the girls off on their own, Tom decides to cancel the rest of the kids' curfews to give them a bit of leniency. However, everyone soon learns that it's possible to have too much of a good thing, and the girls have trouble in their new apartment.
  • Moving Out
    Moving Out
    Episode 16
    Nancy, Susan, and Joanie decide to look for their own apartment and Tom struggles to accept that his daughters are growing up.
  • The Yearning Point
    The Yearning Point
    Episode 15
    Elizabeth is faced with the hard reality that the road to success is not an easy one when she becomes interested in an expensive Vermont college that has an excellent dance program. Unfortunately, Tom can't afford the tuition. Abby comes to the rescue by finding a dance scholarship, and Elizabeth begins studying with a professional dance company.moreless
  • Alone At Last
    Alone At Last
    Episode 14
    Tom and Abby send the kids camping for the weekend so they can finally have the house to themselves.
  • You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore (2)
    Nicholas arrives in San Diego after running away from home. He falls into the company of an old con man who tries to get Nicholas back to his family.
  • You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore (1)
    The Bradford children plan for Tom and Abby's anniversary, but Nicholas feels that he can't participate. While Tom and Abby unknowingly bid against each other for an ideal anniversary present, Nicholas accidentally destroys the present Tommy was making.
  • All The Vice President's Men
    The Bradfords are surprised when the Vice-President accepts Nicholas' invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with the Bradfords. Apparently, the VP has picked the Bradfords as a typical American family. To make matters more interesting, Abby's parents arrive from Pasadena to join in the holiday with the family.
  • War Between the Bradfords
    The male and female sides of the Bradford household are split when the males refuse to attend a speech Abby is giving, and the girls decide the guys aren't taking them seriously in life.
  • Fast and Loose
    Fast and Loose
    Episode 9
    David is shocked when a close friend dies at the result of a heart attack. He begins to live life on the edge, thinking that his time could be right around the corner.
  • The Hipbone's Connected to the Thighbone
    Mary struggles to cope with medical school and her professors, who tend to belittle her because she's a woman. Meanwhile, the other girls try to teach Tommy how to drive.
  • Cops and Toddlers
    Cops and Toddlers
    Episode 7
    When Susan realizes she's not cut out to become a professional athlete, she tries out for the police force. Nancy decides to open a day care at the Bradford house.
  • The Flunked and the Funked
    Tom gets chosen to teach a journalism class at the university and meets a student who is working his way through college. Nicholas and Irving make prank calls, but get tricked by David and Tommy, who are doing the same thing. Nancy flunks out of college and decides to find a job, and Tom helps her make some decisions regarding her future.moreless
  • Milk and Sympathy
    Milk and Sympathy
    Episode 5
    Nicholas develops a crush on his teacher and buys her self-portrait at her garage sale. He then tries to hide it from the other kids, but they just believe that he's acquired a valuable painting. They dream about how they would spend the money they'd get for selling this valuable portrait. Meanwhile, Tommy develops trench mouth, which may hurt his chances of getting with a popular girl.moreless
  • Cinderella's Understudy
    Joanie gets involved with a theater company and starts out as an errand girl and understudy, but when the lead actress suddenly quits, she has only a day to learn her lines. The Bradford children gang up on Abby and try to make her feel guilty for not sharing her car with the family. Meanwhile, Nicholas can't seem to escape from the girl who has a crush on him.moreless
  • Oh No...Not Again! (aka Here We Go Again)
    Abby thinks she may be pregnant, and she tries to decide whether to tell Tom. Meanwhile, Tom finds out the IRS is going to audit him.
  • Nine Is Too Much
    Nine Is Too Much
    Episode 2
    The Bradford children get their own phone line installed in the house. Meanwhile, Tom becomes the coach for Nicholas' little league team. This position doesn't last long, because pushy parents forces him to resign. However, when Abby takes over as the coach of the team, Tom becomes a pushy parent himself!moreless
  • Who's Crazy Here?
    Who's Crazy Here?
    Episode 1
    Tom is suffering from insomnia, and believes he's going a little crazy, so he starts visiting a psychiatrist to find out what's going on. All of this sneaking around causes Abby to believe he's having an affair. Meanwhile, Tommy creates two different personalities - Disco Kid and Mellow Man - to impress the two girls he's dating.moreless
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