Einstein Factor

Sunday 6:30 PM on ABC1 Premiered Feb 08, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Weekly Australian quiz show which broadcasts nationally Sunday nights at 6:30pm on ABC TV. Hosted by Peter Berner with regular special guests (Brains Trust) including Barry Jones, Matt Parkinson, Red Symons and Jean Kittson.

    This show is responsible for starting the resurgence in TV quiz shows in Australia. It sits quietly on the ABC every Sunday night at the early time of 6:30 and it rates quite nicely for itself thankyou very much. So now with so many game shows being broadcast on Australian television what makes this show any different? To begin with it is hosted by one of the most underrated TV presenters in the country in the very intelligent and funny Peter Berner. Secondly, every episode it also features 3 of Australia's leading individuals across academia, politics, sport, entertainment and business in the guest Brains Trust. Not only do these members of the Brains Trust excel in various fields of expertise but they are also clever and entertaining to watch and even more so when their knowledge and skills are combined. How often do you get to see someone as brilliant as Barry Jones combine his thoughts with a quiz champion and comedian like Matt Parkinson? Then of course there are the real stars of the show, the contestants with their special topics. So many quiz shows are simply about general knowledge, and whilst this is also in part true of the Einstein Factor, more importantly this show mainly revolves around specific subjects. This gives viewers the opportunity to not only compete against people claiming to be the expert in a particular topic, but also allows the viewers to learn about all kinds of subjects they may never have thought about before, and also hear about it from the person claiming to be the most passionate and knowledgable. It would not be strange to tune into an episode of the Einstein Factor and have a 65 year old man with the subject of Ballroom Dancing, competing against an 18 year old girl doing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a 40 year old man doing world war two aircrafts. It's a very special show indeed.