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    [1]Dec 26, 2006
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    Come on, noone here? This anime was created by the Tenchi Muyo people. I mean this show also have such low rating as well. I think this show is just as good as Tenchi Muyo.
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    [2]Feb 8, 2007
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    I agree, I think there should be more followers of this series, not only because it was made by the same people who made Tenchi but because its a great series.
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    [3]Mar 30, 2009
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    Yes it was created by a great creator, and started off great, but they kind of failed after that. On top of that the way they have the show set up here on this site is kind of out of order. The Wanderers should have it's own listing, it's not part of the series, any more than Tenchi in Tokyo is related to the plot of the OAV there. If the rating were based on just the OAV's I would give it a 9+ but including the others in it, especially the Wanderers, lowers it a lot.

    I don't know about the others but I was trying to read the recap of the final ep. here and I just couldn't get through it, with how strenuous the submission requirements are here I am shocked that made it through.
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    [4]Mar 7, 2010
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    now im not one to complain but i'll settle for only getting to watch the first 4 vol. of Dears, however i will not stand for having to watch only 2 different el hazard tv series, journey and quest.I didnt mind having to dress up as my rune venus's sister and pretending to be royalty. and i did ask that she not have a sister the next time i went there. "The eye of God" is not the eye of god in fact it was a bunch of very powerfull creations made from certain monsters that wanted to kill and destroy um clash of the titans kind of where the god/monsters ruled i collected all that i could andcombined them with something else i cnt saymy planet, andput it in el hazard for safe keeping itscomprised of meca machine dirverting systems, inner dementional travel, not justa demon god, but a demon doll dark hair/eyes,goddess blue hair/eyes, and the ai meca machine that wants to combine my women my planet and rule all. Thank god i put my planet in the world of el hazard, but if you dntbelieve me,tell me this then why do i know that the bugrum queen was asked by jinnai to marry him or that shala shay is and the rest of them using my power stones and that i can fly in that world even though i dnt have superpowers likemr. fijisawa its because i wasnt sleeping and dreaming about how powerfull and unstoppable i am climbing a mountain gottabe strongto climb mountains. the reason why the people of el hazard are different from one series from the other is because i asked and god answered. still dnt believe me thats ok when u leave this world ask to see the planet in orbit that houses some of the most destructive powers in the verse and ask who owns it, and they will tell u a child of god with dark hair, dragon eyes, a hero of all people and the king of el hazard me and no one else. and it sucks that i have to watch my adventures on tv oh wait i have tobuy every life i lived in because where im at i dnt get to watch the shows i want only what they want me to watch, good thing i saved those rag-a-muffin burlap little things (movie nine) and alice in wounderland, the remake,didnt know u were being answered by the new mad hatter that got the hat from god, or the fact that their is about 100+ more episodes of el hazard, or that if u want to go there all u have to do is ask when u leave this world just be sure to tell them that u wanna see the man made moon almost like the deathstar but not, because u wanna see the prison where the world destroying demon/meca machine is forever sealed and can do no harm. if they ask how do u know about that or its a cartoon, u tell them u were told by the king of el hazard, a child that loves cartoons more than everything including god, that i gave u permission to at the very least beable to know that if it wasnt for me u wouldnt be able to watch all the awsome shows and movies and cartoons. also im sorry for suggesting heath ledger as the new joker i told those bastards he's not like jack n. dnt k now how to spell his last name, he's not going to be as head strong and centered as jack give him people to watch over him 24/7 they didnt listen and now i dnt watch batman remake with the new joker, and yes i love el hazard and my princess, ff5 the space pirate madame ruge,washu from tenchi i couldnt have her she's to big for me but notryeoco, stupid names cnt spell,a space pirate, oh the girl from final fantasy 5 with the glowing butt not my first choice she's a little goofy and to much unbelievable for me plus she has a man the king of that world. so as much as i would like to show u all the awsome shows and movies that i know cnt be shown, i will tell u this if u believe in fairy tales dragons mermaids goddesses demons angels heaven hell fantasy lands and all the things u believed in as a child, know that with a little imagination and knowing the right words to say u can go anywhere live anywhere even maybe get to meet my yellow haired pink eyed alien woman who choose me cause i could produce a bigger bone out of my head then the rest, hence the man with the big bushy fake eye brows wanting her to choose him"what does that kid have that i dnt" and because she choose me he started to open medical mechnica (meca machine) which almost flatened the world, did u know that they wanted me to kill her a space pirate no good powerfull alien, but instead i told her that i think i love her and kissed her instead. man to think u are the people in cartoon shows and movies must be a mind trip cause ill be this way forever, and no one can tell me that i cnt escape real worlds to live in makebelieve worlds, keep the dream alive as fry in futurama said "and sometimes when i was all alone with no friends the star track show made me feel as if maybe i had some" oh and when a bad guy time shifts into a world where cpt. james t. curk was killed by stealing his step fathers car. lets say u were driving at 65+ mph and u jumped from the car do u think you could stop yourself from being pulled over the edge by the fact u jumped from a speeding car at 65+ mps with only 60 feet on loose dirt to grab onto. dnt think so however when you are asked who u like better kirk or picard u instead ask to be kirk cause in a different life time he died and u have no problem joining the land of the dead, u can do what u want up to a certain point hence the moto cycle kirk bought with the money from starfleet the first time he joined, he didnt want to be stationed on a research ship going to venus and alfa sentry star when he could bypass major computers and new a little thing or to from the tv show, also i thought the b. boys song sabotage was remixed **** 300 something years had gone by but no it was the cops siren man that song was the **** so i relived it again just to hear it, i hope this message reaches u well and remember that at least one other person in this world understands that no matter what happens your fantasy dreams will come true!!! even if i gotta make them happen my self for others i will and so will the others that know the fantasy never ends cause its real life.

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